Monday, February 28, 2011


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Trish Denton.
February 26, 2011


Spots the Kangaroo(Giana)
Grinhilda the Kangaroo Rancher (Evie)
Wisened Japanese Woman (Taylor)
Wisened Japanese Woman (Jordan)
Samurai /Ghost Dingo(Emma)
Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth (Ella)
Soothsaying Bush Woman (Zoe)

I. Grinhilda and her prized kangaroo 'Spots' rest in the sun on a splintering bench. It is a quiet day on the ranch, leaving Grinhilda time to dream. "Spots, I want to have the most successful Kangaroo Rodeo in all of Australia... wouldn't that be something? Spots, do you understand me? Yarg! If only I could speak 'kangaroo' then we would be the most famous duo down under!" Grinhilda decides to finish up her dream time with a little siesta. "Time to catch a wink, Spots..." Grindhilda sinks into a deep sleep. In the dreamscape she is greeted by two Wisened Japanese Women. The Women perform a slow and ethereal dance before speaking to Grinhilda in unison. "Grinhilda, if you wish to have the most successful Kangaroo Rodeo in all of Australia, you must journey to the northern islands to find us. Only then, will we tell you the answers... Come to Japan..." Grinhilda murmurs in her sleep, "Japan?..." "Yes, JAPAN!"
II. With Spots riding on her like a joey in a pouch, Grinhilda boards the small airliner bound for Japan. She feels as though this could be a wild goose chase, but she has always wanted to explore the northern islands. Once they reach the main island, they do not have to go far to find the two Wisened Japanese Women. The Women dance around a rice basket chanting over and over "Kangei no hakujin shōjo, kangei kangarū... Kon'nichiwa!" Grinhilda does not understand and is reminded of her initial dilemma -- language barriers! Spots approaches the women and one of them says, "Ahhhh, Kon'nichiwa, kangarū!... Boing-boing, boing-boing?" Grinhilda is amazed. It is as though the women are talking 'kangaroo'! The Wisened Women approach her, now saying in English, "Hello Grinhilda. We have been expecting you. What is it that you seek?" Grinhilda tells the women her strong desire to speak 'kangaroo' so that she and Spots can be the most famous duo down under. She explains her dream and how she had journeyed a very long way to seek out their wisdom. "Ahhhh, we see, we see. Grinhilda, you must go visit the Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth to learn more about speaking 'kangaroo'." Advise the Wisened Women. "Where can I find this Jack Rabbit, oh wise ones?" Asks Grinhilda willingly. "Why, in the dry lands of Australia of course, dear." Grinhilda is speechless. She traveled all the way to Japan, just to find out the answers she sought were back home in Australia? Grrrrrr. "Why, oh why, wise ones, did you beckon me to come to you? Couldn't you have told me this in the dream?" Questioned Grinhilda. The women just looked knowingly at one another and then back at the girl, "Soon... you will understand." And with that, they returned to their chanting, "Hakujin no on'nanoko, o wakare no kangarū, wakare o o wakare!"
III. Once back in the arid lands of Australia, Grinhilda and Spots sought the Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth. It didn't take long for them to find her, nibbling on a cactus and resting from an around-the-world jaunt. Spots approaches the Jack Rabbit first, "Boing-boing, boing boing?" Says Spots. The Rabbit replies, "Vroom-vroom, vroom vroom!" Grinhilda is mesmerized. It is as though the animals are having a full conversation. She sits quietly and observes. In some time a mirage slowly builds in the desert sands. The two Wisened Japanese Women are peering down at Grinhilda. "Soon... you will understand... you must now visit the Dingo that lives in the old mineshaft..." Grinhilda is not sure what to take from all of this, but she obeys. Calling for Spots, Spots and The Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth exchange goodbyes and the long journey continues. Finally, Grinhilda and Spots find the old mineshaft. A ghostly barking comes from the darkness of its depths. Grinhilda is frightened. She clammers for Spots' tail and begs Spots to lead the way. Spots does not seem to be afraid, even when the Ghost Dingo flies over to her with a racket of "Ooooo's!" and howling. "Boing-boing, boing boing?" Says Spots. The Ghost Dingo replies, "Oooo-ruff ruff... ooooo!" Grinhilda is scared stiff, but fascinated by the exchange. Entranced, she hardly notices when the faces of the two Wisened Japanese Women appear as ghostly apparitions. "Soon... you will understand... you must now visit the Soothsayer that lives in the bush..." And with that, the Ghost Dingo disappeared into thin air and Grinhilda and Spots were on their way.
IV. Wandering through the dry lands, Grinhilda was so tired she didn't notice a bushel following her. Of course Spots noticed and began to sniff excitedly around the bushel. "What is it Spots? Why are you sniffing that bush?" Grinhilda sink down onto a rock, sitting there dumbly, shaking her head and trying to make sense of all this. Suddenly, the bushel explodes into twigs, flowers and leaves leaving behind the Soothsaying Bush Woman. The Woman shouts "Click, hoont, click-click, waaaar!" Grinhilda is beside herself, as she watches Spots approach the wild woman, "Boing-boing, boing?" Says Spots. The Bush Woman replies, "Click, hoont!" Then shoots Grinhilda a fierce look. Grinhilda says sheepishly, "Hello?" The Bush Woman straightens herself appearing quite dignified all of a sudden, "Yes. Hello. I speak your language." Grinhilda sighs a thousand sighs and breaks down with her story. She tells the Soothsayer about her desires, her dreams, the Wisened Japanese Women, the Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth, the Ghost Dingo, and all the sounds and words she had heard along the way. The Bush Woman listens deeply and openly. She understands. "Yes, child. Do you understand now? You must listen not with the ear, but with your heart. Only then can you speak to Spots. Only then can you know the Wisened Japanese Women, The Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth, the Ghost Dingo and I." And with that statement, all of the sounds began to swirl around Grinhilda. They overtake her. The chanting, the clicking, the ooo-ing, the barking, the boinging, the vrooming... She enters a dream state.
V. Grinhilda awakens in the very spot she had laid down for her siesta. Spots was sleeping next to her in a pool of sunrays. "Spots!..." She shouts as if she had had an epiphany. Spots awakens looking surprised. Grinhilda asks, "Boing-boing, boing boing?"

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