Monday, September 20, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
September 18, 2010


Wizard Snumblesnore (Finn)
Crystal the Universal Princess(Molly)
The Flower Gardner named Unicorn (Sky)
Esamaya the Bollywood Goddess (Sage)
Royal Kingdom Clown (Summit)
The Rope Charmer (Tristan)

Intro. Set in the clouds, Esamaya looks over the land and senses a disturbance. She fears that the evil Sorcerer of Doom will return to the land, bringing darkness and suffering. She sees light coming from the castle laboratory of Wizard Snumblesnore. She blesses his work, trusting that he also senses the return of the Sorcerer of Doom and is working on a solution
I. Within the stone walls of Wizard Snumblesnore's lab, tiny lightning rods, bursts of color and snapping, fizzing sounds shoot around his work table. He reaches into his 'materials cylinder' and pulls out eye of newt, frog warts, ect. To complete this potent potion that will alter dark destiny, the wizard must add one ounce of good humor, 1000 snake scales, several wildcrafted herbs and The Stone of Duty. He resolves to venture into the town to seek the items from the market... all but the Stone of Duty... it would be difficult to procure the precious stone from the princess of the town...
Esamaya is still watching from the clouds and conspires to create an event that will bring the princess and wizard together.
II. Once in town, Wizard Snumblesnore navigates the hustle and bustle of the market. He follows the laughter to where Royal Kingdom Clown is busking(street performing). After the performance, the wizard appeals to the clown for an ounce of good humor. The clown is more than happy to help his friend the wizard. Next, Wizard Snumblesnore approaches the Rope Charmer. After the Rope Charmer performs a masterful rope levitation act, the wizard tells him of his need for 1000 snake scales. Of course! The Rope Charmer runs off to ask his cousin the Snake Charmer for the scales. He returns promptly with a golden cask full of scales. The wizard is very grateful. Lastly, the wizard finds his friend Unicorn, a flower gardener. The wizard details the various plants needed for his potion, and Unicorn's nimble hands pick through foxgloves, borage and geraniums seeking the flowering herbs needed. She briefs Wizard Snumblesnore on the rumor that Crystal the Universal Princess would be presenting Esemaya the Bollywood Goddess at a grand gala that evening. Wizard Snumblesnore thanked Unicorn and dashed off to prepare himself for an unexpected gala that evening.
III. At the gala, Crystal the Universal Princess addresses the masses from a high balcony. She is gracious and also severe about her duties as the princess and most importantly the keeper of The Stone of Duty. She feels that it is her most important duty to provide the people of her land with the finest art in the universe. She is pleased to present a special performance from Esemaya the Bollywood Goddess. The crowd goes wild as Esemaya makes her entrance down the grand staircase. The sounds of drums and bells escort her as she bursts onto the stage into full dance. At the height of the excitment, Crystal, descends the grand staircase and begins to dance in unison with Esemaya. It is an epic performance. The crowd is utterly wow-ed.
IV. After the show, Wizard Snumblesnore approaches Esemaya and Crystal. He relates his need for the Stone of Duty. Esemaya confesses that she encouraged Crystal to host the performance to bring the wizard and the princess together. She assured Crystal that if she would let the wizard use the stone for his work, great change would occur in the dark destiny of the land. The princess is reluctant to relinquish the stone to the wizard. It is her duty to protect it. And so, with no time to waste, the wizard invites the princess to work on the potion with him. Perhaps, he will need some collaborators in this task. Outside the gala, Wizard Snumblesnore, Crystal the Universal Princess, Unicorn, Esamaya the Bollywood Goddess, Royal Kingdom Clown and
The Rope Charmer are headed in a marching procession to the castle laboratory. Once there, each of their gifts are bestowed on the potion making it even more powerful. Bathed in light, the group rejoices in the success of the potion, trusting that they will have what they need if ever threatened by Doom.

Saturday, September 11, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
September 11, 2010

The Mayor (Jordan)
The Plant (Thomas)
Crescendia the Concert Pianist(Taylor)
Inspector Emerald (Malichi)
Deigo the Ghost of Destiny Revealed(Tristan)


I. We find ourselves in the castle-like mansion of The Mayor. She breezes into her parlor, exhausted from a hard day of running the town. The only thing she looks forward to on a day like this is when she will find time to tend to her precious plants. The most prized plant sits on a pedestal in the middle of the room. As she waters it, they communicate, The Plant is non-verbal, so The Mayor interprets to the audience. "What is this my dear one?... You feel you have outgrown your pot? You want to go to MED SCHOOL?! Ha ha! That's preposterous! Who ever heard of a plant going to Med School. You shall stay here with me... it is your duty to look beautiful for me."
The Plant becomes sad and wilted. Alarmed, The Mayor fetches Inspector Emerald to talk some sense into the young plant.
II. The Sheriff of town, Inspector Emerald, bustles in. He assures The Mayor that he..."knows the law! The laws of nature!" And will have a-talkin' with The Plant. Accompanied by Crescendia the Concert Pianist, Inspector Emerald explodes into song and dance, reasoning with The Plant that it is unnatural for a plant to go to Med School. Soon The Plant joins into the song and dance and in the end, The Plant's ambitions are defeated. The Plant resigns to making a comfortable life, potted on a pedestal for eternity. The Mayor is pleased.
III. That night The Mayor has a troubled descent into sleep. She is visited by Diego the Ghost of Destiny Revealed who takes her to dreamland. In her dream, The Mayor finds the most gorgeous, flourishing garden she has ever seen. It is paradise. All of the plants welcome her and wish to be friends with her ... Their perfection soon changes from being alluring to being just plain creepy. Suddenly, The Mayor realizes she is turning into a plant and is trapped in place by roots. The other plants in the garden are pleased and express this avidly in creepy, high-pitched voices, "Now you can stay with us, right here in this garden, forever, and ever AND EVER AND EVER AND EVER..." The flowers keep chanting ever and ever as The Mayor awakes from the nightmare. She quickly picks up the bedside telephone to make an important call.
IV. In the final scene we are in the town hall and the distinguished, Crescendia the Concert Pianist is doing a preamble behind a podium. She is there to present the Mayor's Awards for Educational Excellence. This year the town will be presenting a scholarship to one lucky recipient to attend the local Medical School. The Plant's ambitions are reawakened upon hearing this. It's leaves have become shiny and lustrous once again... people AND plants can have their dreams. This The Plant believes. The show closes with Crescendia opening a small white envelope to announce "The Plant is this year's deserving scholar!"