Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Jane Snyder.
January 15, 2011


Princess Mariposa (Alanna)
Princess Alice (Sage)
Queen Desertina (Kaiya)
Dadalock, King of the Forest Gnomes (Phinn)
Cowgirl Lucille (Ella)

Act I: Once upon a time on the Very Merry Ranch, a lone outpost in the Wild Wild West, Queen Desertina sat on her throne. She was terribly ill with a cough and depressed because two of her children had been taken away from her a long time ago, and she missed them so much. She called upon her daughters, Mariposa and Alice, to cheer her up. "Go and get me a magical potion from the deep Forest of Heeboo Weeboo." Mariposa and Alice argue over who will be the one to find the potion and save their mother. They go their separate ways.
Act II: Mariposa travels on horseback to the forest but first must pass through the badlands of the desert. There she encounters Cowgirl Lucille, a sassy miss who is the protector of these lands. After noticing how familiar Lucille looks, Mariposa asks the way to the forest, but Lucille won't tell her unless Mariposa defeats her in a battle. They fight, and Lucille is defeated--she tells Mariposa that she will take her to the forest.
Act III: Meanwhile, Alice has journeyed to the forest of Heeboo Weeboo and is riding there on her horse. Since she travels to the forest all the time, she comments on how normal everything seems. Just then, Dadalock, King of the Forest Gnomes, jumps out from his secret hiding place in the vines. "Who dares pass through my forest?" Alice tells him she is seeking a magic potion to make her mother happy again, and asks him if he knows of any. He does, but she must fight him for it. After a brief battle, Dadalock surrenders and admits to having the potion. "Is it made from the Diaphanous Flower?" "Yes." "And anything else?" "Pure river water." "No trout poop?" "No." Alice is satisfied and sets off with the potion to take back to her mother.
Act IV: Lucille and Mariposa finally make it into the forest. Cowgirl Lucille is Dadalock's dear friend and she tells him she needs the potion. He tells the girls that Alice has already taken the potion. "Which potion was it?" "It was the poison." Oh no! The queen is in danger! Now Mariposa and Lucille and Dadalock must rush back to the Very Merry Ranch to save Queen Desertina from drinking the poison!
Act V: Alice has arrived at her mother's throne and is so proud of her success. She offers the queen the potion, but before the Queen can drink any, Mariposa, Dadalock and Lucille arrive on the scene. Mariposa stops the queen from drinking any of the deadly potion. "Stop! Don't drink that potion!" "Why?" "Because it has trout poop in it!" Dadalock tells the queen that they have something better, more powerful than any magic potion...in fact, he reveals to the queen and the princesses that he and Lucille are the queen's long lost children. How can this be true, asks the queen. "Because we all have the same nose!" By the power of this family reunion, and the MAGICAL LOVE between the siblings and their mom, Queen Desertina is restored to health and they all lived happily every after.

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  1. Amazing work Alanna, Sage, Kaiya, Phinn and Ella! Jane helped you to put together a gripping and heart-felt tale. Wish I was there!