Tuesday, April 12, 2011


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Trish Denton.
April 2, 2011


A Young Wizard, Alistonis (Nora)
A Space Wizard, Equanous (Phinn)
Zombie Agent (Taylor)
Skull of Ancestors Master (Matthew)
Corrupt Scientist (Emily)
Dr. Mourdosu (Isabel)
Intergalactic Herb Hunter, Rose (Olivia)
Alien Healer (Jordan)

I. Equanous the Space Wizard holds his head in frustration. He is comforted by the sounds of his apprentice Alistonis, clanking about with beakers and test trays. They discuss their concerns about the wide-spread global epidemic: a sort of fungal infection that induces a Zombie State into those infected. It is highly contagious. "Those that are effected are everywhere!" Says Equanous as a Zombie walks by the front windows of the workroom. As the Wizards continue their conversation they are unaware as the zombie hides herself in the bushes and listens through the window. "The only explanation I can come too is that Dr. Mourdosu is behind this." The zombie takes a special interest in this information, "His company is the leader in research that will release the antidote. It is all too confusing. We must seek outside help..." Equanous and Alistonis fan out a color coded smoke signal with special movements.
II. Within minutes The Alien Healer and Rose the Intergalactic Herb Hunter appear in the workroom of Equanous. "We came as soon as we could. We have heard of the epidemmic on Earth and know your suspicions of Dr. Mourdosu. We also suspect that the Dr. has spread the infection in order to achieve wealth and recognition from its cure. He will stop at nothing to destroy all other remedies for the illness..." Explains Rose in a severe manner. The Alien Healer urges, "We must go to my planet, the star Dark Red Zaar, to find the last dense growth of herbal remedy. It is known to my people as Tookitookigahmbali." Alistonis blesses the pair with a sage bundle and sends them off toward the hanger. "You may use my Quantum Current Flyer," says Equanous urgently as he belts them into the space vehicle. Rose assures him, "I will preserve the herbs with all of my protective means and bring them to you." She ignites the engines as the Space Wizard says under the roar, "Godspeed."
III. Little did Equanous know that Dr. Mourdosu's Zombie Agent had been spying on the the whole exchange. The Agent returns to the lab where the Doctor and his top-notch Scientist are generating the spores that cause the epidemic. The Agent tells them a detailed account of the information he overheard in the meeting with Equanous, Alistonis, Rose, and The Alien Healer. "If they go public with their suspicions I may have to do something rash. For now, send a search and destroy mission to Dark Red Zaar immediatly. The Tookitookigahmbali must be completely destroyed." The Doctor orders The Scientist. "There is only one who can handle such a delicate mission: The Skull of Ancestors Master." All the Scientist had to do was say his name and The Skull Master appears. He has a patch over one eye, which is rumored to have a laser beam beneath, and holds a stained, thick, old skull in his right hand. As the Doctor explains his assignment, the Skull Master communicates with restless spirits of ancestors through the skull. "The ancestors will direct me to Dark Red Zaar through the heavens. They know where the Tookitookigahmbali grows. I will scorch the earth where it lies and destroy every last bit of it..." Hisses the Skull Master. "Thank you Skull of Ancestors Master. Please bring back one stalk of the herb for our testing. Then we will give you your payment." Says the Scientist. The Skull Master suddenly notices the Zombie Agent primping in the corner. He instantly gets a crush and gives a little dorky wave to her. He then switches tone, "I wish for one human head," he states flatly. "Will these gold coins do?" The Doctor opens a small chest full to the brim with all that glitters. "Yes," The Doctor and Scientist hear the word, but the Skull Master is already gone.
IV. On the star Dark Red Zaar, Rose is mesmerized by the wealth of flora. As far as the eye can see there is flourishing foliage of all different colors. She is overwhelmed by the powers of these foriegn herbs as The Alien Healer demonstrates them. There are herbs that make anything explode on contact, herbs that smell so amazing they make you want to eat the air, herbs that make your eyes change the color of their flowers, and herbs that can change stones into elephants. Rose is distracted but recalls, "We must find the Tookitookigahmbali right away!" And the two rush off into the woods. Meanwhile, The Skull Master has already found the patch of Tookitookigahmbali. He is writhing around in the grass and appears to be having some sort of metamorhasis. "The voices are different on this planet. No! They tell me to do the RIGHT thing. Argh! They tell me to decieve the doctor. They tell me the doctor is evil. Get a hold of yourself!" He jumps to his feet, slaps his own cheek and for the first time ever puts down his skull. He approaches the patch and bends down slowly to pluck a stalk of the yellow-flowered herb. Crouching down, The Skull Master slowly lifts up his eye patch. Suddenly, a laser beam streams out the eye and slightly chars the stalk in his hand. He puts the stalk in his coat, grabs the skull and leaves.
V. The Skull Master has returned to the lab of Dr. Mourdosu. He is even more interested in the Zombie Agent now that his senses have been reawakened. He is captivated by her, seeing her slumped over in the corner of the lab. He keeps his one eye on her as he speaks with the Scientist. "I have carried out the mission. Here is your proof." He pulls out the single stalk that is slightly charred. Grabbing a fist full of gold coins, he pushes past the Doctor and the Scientist to the Zombie Agent. She sits up and peers into his eye. She senses a message from him as their eyes meet. He then turns on his heals and leaves. In the streets, the Skull of Ancestors Master rushes to the workroom of Equanous. He does not know that the Zombie Agent is hot on his trail. In Equanous' workroom, Rose and the Alien Healer have returned and are unloading bushels and bushels of the Tookitookigahmbali. Equanous and Alistonis are processing the herbs into an elixir as fast as they can work. Sweet, thick vapors fill the room as the Skull Master enters. He has come to confirm the truth that they seek. But just as he opens his mouth to speak, The Zombie Agent bursts through the door. She is immediately struck by the vapors and the whole group watches with fascination as she begins to 'change'. She quickly changes from a decrepid zombie into a youthful, beautiful young lady. The Skull Master and Zombie Agent embrace and vow to help Equanous in the fight to save humanity. They all look to heavens and say, "There is hope."