Monday, February 28, 2011


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Trish Denton.
February 26, 2011


Spots the Kangaroo(Giana)
Grinhilda the Kangaroo Rancher (Evie)
Wisened Japanese Woman (Taylor)
Wisened Japanese Woman (Jordan)
Samurai /Ghost Dingo(Emma)
Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth (Ella)
Soothsaying Bush Woman (Zoe)

I. Grinhilda and her prized kangaroo 'Spots' rest in the sun on a splintering bench. It is a quiet day on the ranch, leaving Grinhilda time to dream. "Spots, I want to have the most successful Kangaroo Rodeo in all of Australia... wouldn't that be something? Spots, do you understand me? Yarg! If only I could speak 'kangaroo' then we would be the most famous duo down under!" Grinhilda decides to finish up her dream time with a little siesta. "Time to catch a wink, Spots..." Grindhilda sinks into a deep sleep. In the dreamscape she is greeted by two Wisened Japanese Women. The Women perform a slow and ethereal dance before speaking to Grinhilda in unison. "Grinhilda, if you wish to have the most successful Kangaroo Rodeo in all of Australia, you must journey to the northern islands to find us. Only then, will we tell you the answers... Come to Japan..." Grinhilda murmurs in her sleep, "Japan?..." "Yes, JAPAN!"
II. With Spots riding on her like a joey in a pouch, Grinhilda boards the small airliner bound for Japan. She feels as though this could be a wild goose chase, but she has always wanted to explore the northern islands. Once they reach the main island, they do not have to go far to find the two Wisened Japanese Women. The Women dance around a rice basket chanting over and over "Kangei no hakujin shōjo, kangei kangarū... Kon'nichiwa!" Grinhilda does not understand and is reminded of her initial dilemma -- language barriers! Spots approaches the women and one of them says, "Ahhhh, Kon'nichiwa, kangarū!... Boing-boing, boing-boing?" Grinhilda is amazed. It is as though the women are talking 'kangaroo'! The Wisened Women approach her, now saying in English, "Hello Grinhilda. We have been expecting you. What is it that you seek?" Grinhilda tells the women her strong desire to speak 'kangaroo' so that she and Spots can be the most famous duo down under. She explains her dream and how she had journeyed a very long way to seek out their wisdom. "Ahhhh, we see, we see. Grinhilda, you must go visit the Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth to learn more about speaking 'kangaroo'." Advise the Wisened Women. "Where can I find this Jack Rabbit, oh wise ones?" Asks Grinhilda willingly. "Why, in the dry lands of Australia of course, dear." Grinhilda is speechless. She traveled all the way to Japan, just to find out the answers she sought were back home in Australia? Grrrrrr. "Why, oh why, wise ones, did you beckon me to come to you? Couldn't you have told me this in the dream?" Questioned Grinhilda. The women just looked knowingly at one another and then back at the girl, "Soon... you will understand." And with that, they returned to their chanting, "Hakujin no on'nanoko, o wakare no kangarū, wakare o o wakare!"
III. Once back in the arid lands of Australia, Grinhilda and Spots sought the Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth. It didn't take long for them to find her, nibbling on a cactus and resting from an around-the-world jaunt. Spots approaches the Jack Rabbit first, "Boing-boing, boing boing?" Says Spots. The Rabbit replies, "Vroom-vroom, vroom vroom!" Grinhilda is mesmerized. It is as though the animals are having a full conversation. She sits quietly and observes. In some time a mirage slowly builds in the desert sands. The two Wisened Japanese Women are peering down at Grinhilda. "Soon... you will understand... you must now visit the Dingo that lives in the old mineshaft..." Grinhilda is not sure what to take from all of this, but she obeys. Calling for Spots, Spots and The Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth exchange goodbyes and the long journey continues. Finally, Grinhilda and Spots find the old mineshaft. A ghostly barking comes from the darkness of its depths. Grinhilda is frightened. She clammers for Spots' tail and begs Spots to lead the way. Spots does not seem to be afraid, even when the Ghost Dingo flies over to her with a racket of "Ooooo's!" and howling. "Boing-boing, boing boing?" Says Spots. The Ghost Dingo replies, "Oooo-ruff ruff... ooooo!" Grinhilda is scared stiff, but fascinated by the exchange. Entranced, she hardly notices when the faces of the two Wisened Japanese Women appear as ghostly apparitions. "Soon... you will understand... you must now visit the Soothsayer that lives in the bush..." And with that, the Ghost Dingo disappeared into thin air and Grinhilda and Spots were on their way.
IV. Wandering through the dry lands, Grinhilda was so tired she didn't notice a bushel following her. Of course Spots noticed and began to sniff excitedly around the bushel. "What is it Spots? Why are you sniffing that bush?" Grinhilda sink down onto a rock, sitting there dumbly, shaking her head and trying to make sense of all this. Suddenly, the bushel explodes into twigs, flowers and leaves leaving behind the Soothsaying Bush Woman. The Woman shouts "Click, hoont, click-click, waaaar!" Grinhilda is beside herself, as she watches Spots approach the wild woman, "Boing-boing, boing?" Says Spots. The Bush Woman replies, "Click, hoont!" Then shoots Grinhilda a fierce look. Grinhilda says sheepishly, "Hello?" The Bush Woman straightens herself appearing quite dignified all of a sudden, "Yes. Hello. I speak your language." Grinhilda sighs a thousand sighs and breaks down with her story. She tells the Soothsayer about her desires, her dreams, the Wisened Japanese Women, the Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth, the Ghost Dingo, and all the sounds and words she had heard along the way. The Bush Woman listens deeply and openly. She understands. "Yes, child. Do you understand now? You must listen not with the ear, but with your heart. Only then can you speak to Spots. Only then can you know the Wisened Japanese Women, The Fastest Jack Rabbit on Earth, the Ghost Dingo and I." And with that statement, all of the sounds began to swirl around Grinhilda. They overtake her. The chanting, the clicking, the ooo-ing, the barking, the boinging, the vrooming... She enters a dream state.
V. Grinhilda awakens in the very spot she had laid down for her siesta. Spots was sleeping next to her in a pool of sunrays. "Spots!..." She shouts as if she had had an epiphany. Spots awakens looking surprised. Grinhilda asks, "Boing-boing, boing boing?"

Monday, February 14, 2011


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Trish Denton.
February 12, 2011


Little Cupid (Giana)
Big Cupid (Taylor)
Awkward Sister (Avery)
Awkward Sister (Kaiya)
Fresh Street Dancer (Odin)
Fresh Street Dancer (Augie)
Fresh Street Dancer (Sylvan)
DJ Evester (Evie)
Librarian (Emma)
Optometrist (Trish)

I. Narrator states "We find ourselves on a typical day in Burlington, Vermont..." DJ Evester spins into action "It's time to get Church St. started!" As he spins an MIA record, the bustling pedestrian mall springs to life. First we see three Street Dancers working hard to fill their hat. They are dancing break, crump and rubberband dance, taking turns to show off their unique styles. The two Awkward Sisters, awkwardly wobble their way toward the dancers. They quietly observe, clearly impressed by the energy and vitality of the street performers. Suddenly The Librarian appears on the library balcony shaking her fist. "QUIET DOWN out there... please! There are people trying to read in here. I can't even hear my own thoughts..." Everyone shakes their heads and rolls their eyes, but compliantly begin to disperse the crowd. The Awkward Sisters put a sizable donation in the hat for the Street Dancers and they continue down the block.
II. The Street Dancers have a hard decision to make on how they will spend their hard earned bank roll. "We got so much bread, what should we do today?" Says one. "I know just the thing." Says another. They all look at each other in agreement. "Records!" Everyone knows that DJ Evester has the hottest records in town. They make their way to her record stand. As the street quiets we see that their are two new faces on the block. Two cherub-esque faces with squinty little eyes and round little cheeks. Each of them carries a golden bow and arrow. As the Cupids' scan the streets they see what appears to be two very beautiful ladies hovering near what appears to be a dashing Prince. In agreement, the messengers of love let their arrows fly. Little Cupid's aim is true and the Awkward Sisters are struck in the patooties with an arrow of love. Big Cupid's aim is true and a statue of Ethan Allen is struck in the hind quarters with an arrow of love. The Cupids' are satisfied.
III. By and by the Street Dancers are ready to dance their block again, but are distracted by witnessing the Awkward Sisters doting on a lifeless statue. They are wary of the newcomers on the block. But soon, the music starts again and they are ready to dance. Suddenly The Librarian comes out on the library balcony. "What have I told you about this RACKET!?" She is clearly at her limit. DJ Evester turns to her and remarks coolly, "Listen, Book Worm... first amendment, article three. Freedom of expression... in other words, Thou Shalt Not Harsh Church St.'s Mellow." Hearing distant passionate speech, the Cupid's see what appears to be a Romeo and Juliet-like scenario. Undoubtedly these two figures were bound to love one another. Letting their arrows fly, the outcome is a fantastic embrace between The Librarian and DJ Evester.
IV. Now the Street Dancers were certainly on to these primitive-weapon-toting fallen angels. They approach. "Hey?! Why you going around shooting at innocence people? Now the Awkward Sisters are in love with a statue and DJ Evester stopped the beat for the Librarian! You newcomers and fussin' with the flow..." Big Cupid looks at Little Cupid with a puzzled look. Rubbing their eyes they try hard to focus. Sure enough, these are two mis-matches indeed! The Cupid's aren't sure how such a thing could occur. One of the Street Dancers knows precisely how this could occur. "Come with us, little chubby cheeks." The Street Dancers take the Cupids' directly to Eyes Of The World. "What you two need -- are glasses."
V. And so the mistakes are realized, the spectacles are in place and it is time for resolution. The Cupids' let their arrows fly once more to the Awkward Sisters, releasing them from the spell. The Cupids' let their arrows fly once more to the statue of Ethan Allen, releasing him from the spell. But once they saw how happy the Librarian and DJ Evester are in each others arms, they decide this unlikely match is for the better good. They withhold their arrows so that the music could play on. {end, everyone dances to bumpin' MIA}

Sunday, February 6, 2011


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Trish Denton.
February 05, 2011


Victoria Gazella (Avery)
Francesca Gazella/Monkey (Augie)
Washed-up Wiccan Magician (Trish)
Popcorn Peddler (Avery)
Fisherman (Trish)
Lobquarium (Trish)

I. In the private circus tent of The Magnificent Gazella Sisters, we find Victoria and Francesca discussing material for their new act. They are in agreement on adding a 'lean-out', a 'double table', and a 'right-left crossover'. The sisters fall into a tussle when Victoria proposes a need for a new element, "...something big..." for the grand finale. For years she has been pushing for a trained animal in their beloved act. Francesca reluctantly inquires, "An elephant?" And Victoria tells her she is crazy. She was thinking something shiny and grand... "A LOBSTER!" Francesca thinks Victoria has lost her marbles, but agrees to try it out for a time. "Good! Then go to the market and get a fresh lobster. Don't forget the shopping list: Popcorn, The Lobster and A Skull." Francesca gathers her market basket and heads into the town.
II. The market is bustling and Francesca is confident she will find the special items she needs. First, she comes upon an old Popcorn Peddler. The hobbling old woman offers her fresh, popped corn out of her weathered, wicker basket. Then, Francesca hears a shanty being sung in the distance. She follows the bellowing melody to a fish stand with a kooky old sailor. "Have you come for some mussels, Madame? Some crab? Some starfish? Some mud puppy? Some ruffy? Can I offer you a clam? Shrimpies?..." The old fisherman goes on and on and Francesca can hardly get a word in. Finally she prevails, "I would like one live lobster please." It was as if the old fisherman had known all along and tried to talk his way around the request. "A lobster, eh? Eh, eh, eh... I have only one lobster... and it's a REAL LIVELY one, it is.... Sure you want a lobster, madame?" When Francesca insists, the fisherman asks for her assistance. We see a rough and tumble flurry of movement. "You can 'ave that rascal on the house, madame. Just be careful!" With an active basket, Francesca continues on her way through the bustling market. She happens upon a voodoo stand with a crowing old barker. "Magical Elements! Wiccan wonders! Crystals! Herbs! Witchcraft!" The old woman looks slightly familiar to Francesca and she is certain that the stand will have what she needs. "Well, hello young madame. You look quite familiar. It is you! You are one of the Magnificent Gazella Sisters,aren't you!?" Francesca is accustomed to fans and tells the old woman that she is indeed. The old woman says an aside, "If it wasn't for those sisters, my Wonderous Wiccan Magic Show would still be top bill instead of a side show.... I wouldn't have to be a peddler. It is because of her that I have fallen from glory!" She turns to Francesca, "What have you come for, my dear, dear girl?" The girl remarks, "I am looking for a skull for my circus act..." The old woman's eyes light up, "A skull huh? I'll tell you what. I only have one left, but I'll give it to you if you make me a promise, young one." Francesca thought this to be a fair deal, "Please eat these three enchanted lima beans before your next show. Think of me... that will be payment enough." Francesca agrees and hurries back to the circus grounds with her shopping list fulfilled.
III. Once outside of the tent, Francesca stops and reflects on the exchange she had had with the interesting old woman. Considering her a fan, she figured that the enchanted lima beans would aid her in not only her performance, but in her quarrel with her sister regarding the lobster. "Bottom's up!" She swallows the three beans whole. Suddenly her body begins to disfigure, bewhisker and transform... inside the tent Victoria hears what seems to be a monkey screaming. She rushes to the entry to see what the commotion is about. Her sister is no where to be seen, but the market basket is left just outside the entry. A spunky little lobster crawls out. "Great! Francesca has left the lobster for me! I'll get right to work!" Victoria brings the lobster in and begins to lovingly shine his shell. "You are to be called Lobquarium!" Lobquarium clicks his claws and slowly crawls across the sawdust floor. Just then, a random monkey comes bounding through the door pulling at Victoria's dress. Victoria is confused. Did Francesca bring the monkey as an option for their act as well? She tries to calm the monkey and brush him aside. She has work to do training Lobquarium! Victoria first asks Lobquarium to do a little dance. The wonky little lobster clicks one claw, then the other. We hear the crickets chirping outside. Then, she instructs Lobquarium to jump over the skull. In slow motion, Lobquarium approaches the skull at half-speed. Just when we expect Lobquarium to jump, he clicks his claw at the skull. We hear the crickets chirping outside. Victoria is flustered as show time is announced in 15 minutes. "Where the devil is my sister?!" The monkey gets very, very excited at this and begins to dance an amazing dance. Then, the monkey bounds gracefully over the skull. Victoria is not sure what to do for the show. "Eeny, meeny, miney, mo, catch a tiger by the toe, if he hollers make him pay, $50 everyday." Her finger lands on Lobquarium, so she grabs him and storms off leaving the monkey in the dust.
IV. Under the big top, Victoria is flustered by the disappearance of her sister, and the mysterious appearance of the random monkey. She starts her act with the usual bits, a gazelle inspired can-can, ice-dancing and acrobatics. When Lobquarium is introduced the crowd is eager for the new element to the famed act. As Victoria instructs Lobquarium to do his first trick, it is equally as disappointing as it had been in rehearsal. Trying to make it up to the audience she plays up his next trick: Jumping the Skull. There is much anticipation and as the drum roll unfolds Lobquarium reaches the skull and stops with an awkward click toward the audience. Victoria shoos him away and finishes the act with finesse. Once back in her tent she scolds the lobster, "Lobquarium! That was the most awkward performance I have ever had. Back to the ocean with you... you, you, you CRUSTATION!!" Nodding toward the random monkey, Victoria says, "It's me and you monkey. Until my sister returns..."
V. Weeks go by and the show of Victoria Gazella and her Flying Monkey becomes a great success. Victoria is so distracted by the success, that she hardly has time to worry about where the heck her sister has gone. Until one night, the stars are so bright that they clear her mind and focus her heart. "Go to bed, Monkey." She sighs sadly. Looking at the heavens, Victoria spots a shooting star. "Oh stars. I miss my sister dearly. Please bring her back to me." Her wish is so heart-felt and pure, that no Wonderous Wiccan enchantment could override this heart magic. Hearing a ruckus from the monkey's quarters, Victoria rushes to his side... but instead of finding the monkey, her sister is there!! The two go for a long walk and Francesca explains everything. They agree that there is one thing that must be done. "That Wonderous Wiccan Witch needs to be paid a visit. She can't get away with this!" The sisters stomp down to the marketplace. Conveniently the Wonderous Wiccan Magic Show is happening in the main square. The old woman is preparing for her grand finale... "And now for my final act! I have been developing it for quite some time and I assure you, you will be nothing short of amazed! I would like to introduce you all to my assistant LOBQUARIUM!..." The girls just look at one another and roll their eyes. If that is all the old witch has up her sleeve, than they would rather leave her to her own demise of poor showmanship than to waste their energy on revenge.

Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Jane Snyder.
January 22, 2011


The Amazing Mr. Mudfish (Phinn)
Grandma Pickett (Nicole)
Joanne the poor Granddaughter (Grace)
Georgia the poor Granddaughter (Lauren)
Sally the Fairy Spy (Olivia)
Makenzie the Fairy Spy (Shayla)
Voldemort the Magician (Atticus)
Meevil Mc'Evil the Magician (Emily)
Princess Ruby (Abby)
Princess Rosetta (Cosette)
Shopkeeper Jeepers (Jane)

Act I: In the Good-Evil Village, a long time ago, there lived a Stylin' Grandma, her pet Mudfish, and her two Granddaughters. Grandma Pickett was SO stylin', and had so much Bling! But something was missing. Things could always be a little more blinging. She called forth her girls. "I am just not as fashionable as I could be...I need just a little more bling, or some fashion elixir from the village. I want you girls to go and trade our Mudfish for some style elixir." But the girls wanted to go to the Ball at the Palace Courtyard where princesses Ruby and Rosetta were hosting. They begged their grandmother, but Grandma Pickett refused. She simply had to augment her solid-gold outfit with more style! Joanne and Georgia sadly rounded up the Mudfish (their best friend!) and set off to the village. Little did they know that the magicians and the fairy spies had been watching over them this whole time.
Act II: The Magicians Meevil Mc'Evil and Voldemort hatch a secret plan to get the Mudfish for themselves, also they want to make mischief at the upcoming Fairy Ball. So they set out two pairs of beautiful slippers in the shop window and lace them with magic. The fairy spies see all of this silently from their invisible post. The magicians snicker evilly as the Shopkeeper, unawares, sets up shop. Shopkeeper Jeepers, an ole Scottish merchant, is dusting off his wares when the girls arrive with the mudfish. "We've come to get some Bling Potion. We'll trade you our Mudfish for it." "Oh what a fine Mudfish! He could really spruce up the store! Well, let me see now...I'll have to hunt it down." Jeepers rummages through his wares, meanwhile the girls notice the beautiful slippers in the shop window. They look at each other in conspiring glee: "If we had these slippers, we could go to the ball!" (They were barefoot because they were so poor!). The Shopkeeper returns with the Bling Potion, but the girls have changed their minds and ask if they can trade the Mudfish for the slippers instead. The shopkeeper agrees without hesitation, stating that he'd trade just about anything for such a fine mudfish. The girls, delighted, set out to the ball with their new slippers.
Act III: At the Palace Courtyard, Princesses Ruby and Rosetta are waiting for their guests to arrive. They have a splendid banquet set out, including a triple decker layer raspberry white chocolate mousse cake. "Where are all our guests? They should be here by now!" Joanne and Georgia arrive, shoes in hand. "We don't remember putting you on the Guest List," Rosetta says haughtily. "But we have such beautiful slippers," explains Joanne. "Very well, you may stay." Joanne and Georgia sit down to put on their slippers, but as soon as they are on their feet, they can't stop dancing. They bump around the room knocking things over, and a terrible chaos ensues (including the destruction of the triple decker layer raspberry white chocolate mousse cake!!!) The princesses desperately try to stop the girls from their chaotic flailing about the room, with no avail. Luckily, the fairy spies (Sally and Mackenzie) are there to save the day! They freeze the girls in mid air with their fairy powers and remove the slippers from them. Outraged that their plan was foiled, the magicians go after the fairies and begin a ruckus...a fight breaks out in the ballroom! But it isn't too long before Grandma Pickett arrives on the scene and everyone turns to her, because she is so glowing, blinging, so very stylish that she captures everyone's attention. She has the Mudfish with her. "I decided that I am stylin' enough without extra Bling and so I got our Mudfish back."
The girls are delighted, the Magicians outraged...but everyone decides that they can SHARE the Amazing Mr. Mudfish. They sing, "we can all share, we can all share, happy happy happy happy HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!" The End.


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Jane Snyder.
January 15, 2011


Princess Mariposa (Alanna)
Princess Alice (Sage)
Queen Desertina (Kaiya)
Dadalock, King of the Forest Gnomes (Phinn)
Cowgirl Lucille (Ella)

Act I: Once upon a time on the Very Merry Ranch, a lone outpost in the Wild Wild West, Queen Desertina sat on her throne. She was terribly ill with a cough and depressed because two of her children had been taken away from her a long time ago, and she missed them so much. She called upon her daughters, Mariposa and Alice, to cheer her up. "Go and get me a magical potion from the deep Forest of Heeboo Weeboo." Mariposa and Alice argue over who will be the one to find the potion and save their mother. They go their separate ways.
Act II: Mariposa travels on horseback to the forest but first must pass through the badlands of the desert. There she encounters Cowgirl Lucille, a sassy miss who is the protector of these lands. After noticing how familiar Lucille looks, Mariposa asks the way to the forest, but Lucille won't tell her unless Mariposa defeats her in a battle. They fight, and Lucille is defeated--she tells Mariposa that she will take her to the forest.
Act III: Meanwhile, Alice has journeyed to the forest of Heeboo Weeboo and is riding there on her horse. Since she travels to the forest all the time, she comments on how normal everything seems. Just then, Dadalock, King of the Forest Gnomes, jumps out from his secret hiding place in the vines. "Who dares pass through my forest?" Alice tells him she is seeking a magic potion to make her mother happy again, and asks him if he knows of any. He does, but she must fight him for it. After a brief battle, Dadalock surrenders and admits to having the potion. "Is it made from the Diaphanous Flower?" "Yes." "And anything else?" "Pure river water." "No trout poop?" "No." Alice is satisfied and sets off with the potion to take back to her mother.
Act IV: Lucille and Mariposa finally make it into the forest. Cowgirl Lucille is Dadalock's dear friend and she tells him she needs the potion. He tells the girls that Alice has already taken the potion. "Which potion was it?" "It was the poison." Oh no! The queen is in danger! Now Mariposa and Lucille and Dadalock must rush back to the Very Merry Ranch to save Queen Desertina from drinking the poison!
Act V: Alice has arrived at her mother's throne and is so proud of her success. She offers the queen the potion, but before the Queen can drink any, Mariposa, Dadalock and Lucille arrive on the scene. Mariposa stops the queen from drinking any of the deadly potion. "Stop! Don't drink that potion!" "Why?" "Because it has trout poop in it!" Dadalock tells the queen that they have something better, more powerful than any magic fact, he reveals to the queen and the princesses that he and Lucille are the queen's long lost children. How can this be true, asks the queen. "Because we all have the same nose!" By the power of this family reunion, and the MAGICAL LOVE between the siblings and their mom, Queen Desertina is restored to health and they all lived happily every after.


Art is play, play is art--working with kids is like opening the door to the essence of creative energy. Trained in classical voice, dance, and acting, Jane has been a featured performer with Girls' Nite Out Productions, The Spielpalast Cabaret, Viva La Voce Puppet Opera, The Oriana Singers, and The Vermont Mozart Festival. Currently, Jane is choreographing Guys & Dolls, running the Very Merry Glee Club (333 Glee!), and working on her degree project--a one hour performance piece based on an Abenaki tale. And, of course, she is elated to join the Very Merry team!