Saturday, October 23, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
October 23, 2010


Sassun the Winged Frog (Finn)
Flame Breather the Fire God (Olive)
The Moon (Taylor)

Intro. The Moon rises and situates herself in the sky. She gazes down to the Earth below and hones in on the abutting lands of Sassun the Winged Frog and Flame Breather the Fire God. It is clear that there is unnecessary tension and fear between the two neighbors. Fire Breather is threatened by the falls and ponds of Sassun's land because he is afraid that it's waters will extinguish his fires. Sassun keeps his distance from the brimstone and lava pools of Fire Breather's land because he is afraid the heat will parch his waters. Although they recognize one another, the neighbors don't dare traverse the distance between their homes to meet. The moon sees this and says "Something must be done".
I. Every evening when the moon rises it is supper time for the two neighbors. Fire Breather is an exquisite chef. He can braise, broil, grill, roast, scorch or sear ANYTHING just using his breath. He prepares sumptuous feasts fit for an army, but once the cooking is done, he has lost his appetite. A meal just isn't a meal enjoyed when eaten alone.
Sassun enjoys the hunt. He hops around the pond crunching and munching on water bugs, flies, mosquitoes and floating plant matter. He has his fill, but wishes for more warmth and tending at supper time. His hunting is tiring and he is left unfulfilled.
II. After supper time the two usually enjoy an evening pastime. There is nothing more satisfying for Fire Breather than playing his horse-head banjo. Fire Breather will sit by a sulfurous lava pool and pick to his hearts content. Many times Sassun will overhear the distant music and singing. His favorite thing to do is to dance! Flapping his wings and hopping wildly, his jumping jig is ecstatic. He often wishes that the music were only a bit nearer, so that the vibrations could resonate near to his heart. Fire Breather often wishes that he had an audience when he played horse-head banjo.
III. Most times, when Fire Breather is done with his evening pastime, he will tend to his fires longing to have someone to attend to. As he stares into the dancing flames, he wishes for someone to talk to. When Sassun is done with his evening pastime, he often meditates at his pond. Peering into his own reflection, he wishes the face peering back would speak. This nightly ritual is followed by sleep.
IV. On this particular evening the moon chooses to intervene. "Something must be done," she says. She fetches two small envelopes and sneaks out of the sky to the home of Sassun and then to the home of Fire Breather, leaving the envelopes on their doorsteps. The next morning the surprises are found. "It is an invitation..." States Fire Breather in a delighted manner, " the Equinox Masquerade Party hosted by the Moon!" Says Sassun excitedly. The two spend the whole day preparing their costumes for the party.
V. That night, the moon rises and then descends from the sky into a meadow near the fire and water lands. Met by a the masked Sassun and Fire Breather, the 3 dance and sing the night away. When too tired to carry on, the moon asks the two to remove their masks. The neighbors are shocked to see that they have been enjoying the very person they fear -- all evening long. The Moon says, "It is done..." And returns to her place in the sky. From then on Fire Breather and Sassun are freed from their fear. They can begin traversing the distance between them to meet halfway, to have the friendship they were longing for. It starts... with music and dance!

Saturday, October 9, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
October 09, 2010


Wizard of the Forest (Finn)
The Elfin Prince(Davis)
Shadow the Lion (Olive)
Storm the Minotaur (Augie)
The Ember Goblin (Sylvan)
Rambo the Hunter/Gatherer (Hussein)
Commando (Adin)
Poison Troll (Ian)
Doom Dozer (Trish)

Intro. As Storm and Shadow hide behind some shrubbery to observe, Doom Dozer (a cigar smoking, fat cat driving a blingin' bulldozer) is heard coming in the distance. The sound gets louder and louder until suddenly we hear grating tracks and manic laughter. Doom Dozer plows over an innocent tree, past Storm and Shadow's hiding place and then sadistically crashes through another tree. As he leaves the scene, Storm and Shadow burst out of their hiding, the lion exclaims "The Wizard was right. Something very evil indeed was coming to our home. What shall we do?!" They try to revive the trees (Ian and Finn), and nothing seems to work. In total distress the two discuss what to do. They decide to go straight to the council of the forest to issue a warning.
I. In the cave of the council, The Wizard and The Elfin Prince meet with Rambo and Commando. The representatives from the different tribes are arguing over a petty squabble. Rambo is too proud to give in to a small treaty that will bring more peace to the people sharing the forest. A heated argument is in effect. Suddenly, Poison Troll and The Ember Goblin burst in with the news they've gotten from Shadow and Storm. The Wizard is sad to hear that his premonition of evil was upon them. He pleas with Rambo and Commando to settle the disbute, put their differences aside and join the fight against Doom Dozer. Rambo is too proud and will not join forces until his terms are agreed upon in the treaty. He storms out of the room with Commando at his heels.
II. Rambo and Commando return to their base in the deep in the forest. Upon reaching the base they are shocked by what they find. The large trees that housed their families, belongings and stores have been knocked down. Rambo is in shock. He paces, not sure to feel rage or despair. The men hear a groaning sound coming from under one of the large, fallen trunks. With all of their strength, they lift the tree off of Storm and Shadow. The two injured beasts crawl out from beneath the tree and fall to the ground. "Who did this to you?!", demands Commando. Storm states coldly, "Doom Dozer". Commando pleads "Rambo, we must do something! We must stop him!" Rambo goes down to one knee, looks at the sky, saying "It will be done."
III. Rambo and Commando return to the council and agree to sign the treaty as a gesture of peace. Rambo tells the Wizard he is willing to train anyone that is willing to face Doom Dozer. The Forest Fighters are ready.
IV. Doom Dozer is making his usual rounds felling trees. "Ha! Ha! 3000 trees down in one day! A new record! Oh the dollars! Pouring in! Soon, I will be the richest man in all the land..." And then! The Ember Goblin ambushes Doom Dozer and battles with all his might. Then Storm... then Shadow... every Forest Fighter steps out and has a solo battle, but is dozed to the ground. Then The Wizard of the Forest comes out with his wand saying "This won't work, we all have to join together!" The Fighters rise up and link arms making a unified front. Doom Dozer begins to breakdown and spin out. "No! Nooooooooo!" He shrieks while the Forest Fighters chant, "This is our forest! This is our forest!" Doom Dozer is breaking down as the Fighters make a tight circle around him. As the circle opens up, we see there is nothing left but a skull. The Fighters drop their weapons and pay respect to the skull. The Wizard concludes, "Our UNITY has defeated him."