Friday, July 30, 2010


Join us next Saturday at 333 between 10 am and 3 pm for special activities to celebrate The Ramble!

The Ramble
A Celebration of Creativity and Community in the Old North End
Saturday, July 31st, 2010 All Day All Night * Rain or Shine

Come out and play for a day that celebrates the creativity, diversity,
community, and commerce of Burlington?s most exciting neighborhood. We
do it North End style with disco veggie shortbus shuttles to move you,
an endless supply of music to get you groovin, lots of yummy local
food to keep you going, and a plethora of goodies to mix it up. Just
add art and, of course, bicycles. You are encouraged to come in
costume although you may just want to make it up as you go along,
stopping at any of the three craft fairs on the map this year. Maybe
you?ll find something on a visit to the One World Market showcasing
micro-businesses and artisans of the old north end?

Field Days, Battle of the Burgs, War of the Wards, North/ South
showdown will kick off the festivities at Battery Park with a little
friendly competition. Expect the water balloon toss to be particularly
difficult to predict this year! Decatur Street Carnival is a festive
place to get your palm read, look at art, sit in the middle of the
street, watch a local band. The House of Hildegard will be hosting a
benefit for the Kai Buddha fund with a, one of many, yard sale.

If you wish to roam, there is no shortage of things to see. Take a
historic or a permaculture garden tour, hear live music almost
anywhere, do some art-making and some art viewing; a regular plethora
of activity!

Saturday, July 24, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
July 24, 2010

Elizabeth the Devilish Rose(Jordan)
Gloria the Glorious (Madeleine)
Ruby Pink (Taylor)
Firecon (Malichi)
Townsperson - male (Ryan)
Townsperson - femail (Trish)

Ryan and Maeve

I. We find ourselves in the lair of the notorious Firecon, a totally rock and roll dragon living in the Nebulous dimension. Sword in hand he worships the lightning charged portal that allows him to fly through the skies of any world. While he rocks out playing air guitar on his shining sword, he contemplates which world he will penetrate to do his trouble making on this particular night. Mind made up, Firecon leaps into the portal to the middle ages on planet earth.
II. (Beach Boys- I get around) Firecon is flying through the skies looking for someone, something, someplace to conquer. Over the town of Fairlee, he spots the fairest castle in all the land. Within sleeps the fairest maidens of the land, three princesses named Gloria the Glorious, Elizabeth the Devilish Rose and Ruby Pink. With three evil, maniacal laughs Firecon lands and creeps into the castle. Standing in the sleeping quarters of the three juicy princesses, Firecon quips,"Before I make this castle mine I need to eat a midnight snack!"
III. His giant stomach growls and awakens the three slumbering maidens. Firecon puffs out his reptilian chest making himself look terrifying as the girls awaken. But they just stare at him with absolute enchantment. Firecon tries to look as intimidating as possible, but the girls giggle and coo "Awwww... isn't he just the most precious thing! What a darling dragon!" They aren't afraid of him, they are charmed! Firecon is insulted by their adoring insolence. He threatens them by insisting he is TOUGH! ROUGH! SCARY! DEADLY! "So, what are you doing here cutie pie?" They ask. Firecon states "I want to live here, this castle will be MINE!" Gloria says, "Well, that's just perfect! We have an extra room!" and Ruby says, "You can be our new roommate! This will be just great!" Growing weary of their kindness Firecon agrees saying "Oh, alright. Let's just call it a night and catch some Z's."
IV. Bright eyed and bushy tailed the next morning, the princesses call a house meeting to decide how they can help Firecon be the "perfect roommie". They decide that first of all he is going to need proper attire. (classical music plays) They all sit at sewing tables gracefully pulling the finest threads through the richest cloth. Firecon seems to be wielding a sword and piercing through a raw pile of material. Elizabeth holds up a new bodice that has gold ribbing down the front. It is exquisite. Ruby holds up a pink velvet tunic. Flawless. Gloria holds up a delicate lace woven blouse. Impressive! Firecon holds up a ramshackle, crooked, cut-up mess of rags. They decide to try cooking with him instead.
In the kitchen the girls are shifting and stirring and tasting and smelling. Elizabeth suggests more pepper would compliment her recipe. Next to her, breathing heavy with frustration, Firecon breathes in the pepper. He is falling aback trying to hold in a sneeze but with a flash of light, flames burst from his nostrils and mouth into the entire kitchen. Elizabeth exclaims "My dress is charred!" Gloria exclaims "My souffle is charred!" and Ruby exclaims, "The whole kitchen is burnt to a crisp!"
They decide the only thing left to do is dance.
V. In the castle ballroom the princesses brag to Firecon of their custom made, spring loaded dance floor. (waltz plays) Dancing in unison, 1-2-3-4-5-6 turn! The princesses try to show Firecon the customary dances of their land. In his stumbling dervish-like moves Firecon crashes right through the floor! SMASH! Giving up, the princesses decide to take their new roomie on a walk into town to social network.
Down in the town of Fairlee, a futuristic, American tourist examines the open sewage systems, archaic weaponry and aromas of the town square. The princesses attempt to make his acquaintance as he shakes a round of hands, he gets to Firecon and cries out in horror! Loving the fear, Firecon chases the screaming tourist around the square. Meanwhile a snooty friend of the princesses waltzes onto the stage. "Oh hello! I've been meaning to see you! I'd love to come to the castle to visit soon!" The princesses insist that their friend must come and meet their fabulous new roomie! The woman goes to shake hands with Firecon and is repulsed. She quickly turns up her nose and makes her exit rudely, displaying utmost disapproval to the princesses.
Tired, dejected and disappointed the girls decide to return home and call it a day.
VI. The next morning the girls wake up Firecon for a house meeting. They decide as a group that Firecon belongs in the open skies and dark crevasses of Nebulous. (Beach Boys- I get around)Bidding him farewell, Firecon flies away into the open air as the princesses wave goodbye whole-heartedly from below.

Tuesday, July 20, 2010


Kim Jordan will now be leading drama club in Trish's absence. Yay!

Biography: Kim Jordan is excited to be a member of the Very Merry Theatre team! She is a Burlington-based actress, director, poet, and dancer who has been leading theatre workshops, camps, and classes for over 15 years. Kim participated in a children’s theatre company much like VMT when she was growing up and it fed her life-long love of theatre and storytelling. She is a Master’s degree candidate focusing on Theatre for Conflict Resolution and Social Change, and is writing her thesis on using theatre as a tool for bullying prevention in schools.

Monday, July 19, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
July 10, 2010

Dancing Dahlila Faerie (Sage)
Magic Marigold (Sky)
The FABULOUS Faerie (Jordan)
The Wizard Warrior (Malichi)
The Sunburst Faerie (Madelyne)
Captain Bones of the Blaster 900 (Summit)

I. Somewhere near the equator in the Atlantic Ocean towers an immense volcanic mound. It is the year 3010 and the ocean waters are lower than they have ever been in history. Braving the high salt contents of the waters and the high co2 of the skies are futuristic pirates. The toughest of them all is Captain Bones. Captain Bones cruises the sea, land and skies in his retro fitted rocket ship known as the Blaster 900. The world above has become a hostile place, but below exists a utopia of heat dwelling mystical creatures. This particular community we find in the volcano are fire worshiping flower faeries and warriors. They love to sit around in the comfort of the flames telling stories, dancing and enjoying general togetherness.
II. On one particular day as the faeries relished in the flames, declaring how lovely it was to be alive, above lurked Captain Bones looking for a hiding place for his bountiful booty. Suddenly a shower of COLD, HARD, GOLDEN discs poured down from the volcanoes opening into the dwelling place below. The FABULOUS Faerie shouted "Brrr! What is this? It's so cold?" The Dancing Dahlila Faerie exlaimed "Ouch! And it is hard!" And Magic Marigold brooded "And it's golden! Only I'm allowed to be this golden around here!!" The Wizard Warrior was perturbed to see what he wisely know to be 'money' crash down from the sky into his utopian paradise. "We must go above and see who has done such a thing!" Cried the people. The Wizard Warrior cautioned them of how cold it was above and helped them with guard themselves against the cold, hard climate of the earth lands.
III. Chanting "We're going up! We're going up!" The mystical peoples circled up the winding path to the opening of the volcano. Once above they spotted the ragged looking Captain Bones rowing his dingy back to the Blaster 900. They shouted at him "Why have you dumped these cold, hard, golden things on us? We don't want your earth things messing up our home!" Captain Bones sneered and said, "Don't touch my treasure I will be back for it in 24 days, and if you have moved a single piece I will roast you in the jets of my ship! Har har har har!!!" At first the mystical peoples were startled and they retreated into the volcanoes. But once below they decided to concoct a plan. Calling upon all the forces of the earth contained in their volcano, they did a ritual to blast the coins out of the volcano. Captains Bones was showered with molten hot lava specks and golden syrup that had once been his coins. It was quickly dissolving into the salty waters of the Atlantic. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Captain Bones was defeated.

Friday, July 2, 2010


For one week in June, Very Merry Theater's 333 space was transformed into a school of wizardry in preparation for The Wizard's Solution Show. This group of budding changemakers, alchemists and magicians focused on a conflict in their dream-life, family, school or global context in order to create magical intentions for miraculous solutions. A major focus that was weighing on the kids' hearts was the oil spill in the gulf. However, others addressed diabetes, cancer, friendship, kindness and healthy food as concerns.

Over the course of the week the young scholars crafted hats, wands and spell books. They also learned techniques for potion-crafting by making plant magic infusions with combinations of some of the following herbs: chaga, alfalfa, calendula, peppermint, orange peel, blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf, elderberry, red clover and more. The use of these potions augmented by the power of crystals made for a super charged performance as each wizard presented their 'solutions' to a full house.

! Keep making magic and envisioning positive change in the world ! The power of intention is real...