Monday, February 14, 2011


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Trish Denton.
February 12, 2011


Little Cupid (Giana)
Big Cupid (Taylor)
Awkward Sister (Avery)
Awkward Sister (Kaiya)
Fresh Street Dancer (Odin)
Fresh Street Dancer (Augie)
Fresh Street Dancer (Sylvan)
DJ Evester (Evie)
Librarian (Emma)
Optometrist (Trish)

I. Narrator states "We find ourselves on a typical day in Burlington, Vermont..." DJ Evester spins into action "It's time to get Church St. started!" As he spins an MIA record, the bustling pedestrian mall springs to life. First we see three Street Dancers working hard to fill their hat. They are dancing break, crump and rubberband dance, taking turns to show off their unique styles. The two Awkward Sisters, awkwardly wobble their way toward the dancers. They quietly observe, clearly impressed by the energy and vitality of the street performers. Suddenly The Librarian appears on the library balcony shaking her fist. "QUIET DOWN out there... please! There are people trying to read in here. I can't even hear my own thoughts..." Everyone shakes their heads and rolls their eyes, but compliantly begin to disperse the crowd. The Awkward Sisters put a sizable donation in the hat for the Street Dancers and they continue down the block.
II. The Street Dancers have a hard decision to make on how they will spend their hard earned bank roll. "We got so much bread, what should we do today?" Says one. "I know just the thing." Says another. They all look at each other in agreement. "Records!" Everyone knows that DJ Evester has the hottest records in town. They make their way to her record stand. As the street quiets we see that their are two new faces on the block. Two cherub-esque faces with squinty little eyes and round little cheeks. Each of them carries a golden bow and arrow. As the Cupids' scan the streets they see what appears to be two very beautiful ladies hovering near what appears to be a dashing Prince. In agreement, the messengers of love let their arrows fly. Little Cupid's aim is true and the Awkward Sisters are struck in the patooties with an arrow of love. Big Cupid's aim is true and a statue of Ethan Allen is struck in the hind quarters with an arrow of love. The Cupids' are satisfied.
III. By and by the Street Dancers are ready to dance their block again, but are distracted by witnessing the Awkward Sisters doting on a lifeless statue. They are wary of the newcomers on the block. But soon, the music starts again and they are ready to dance. Suddenly The Librarian comes out on the library balcony. "What have I told you about this RACKET!?" She is clearly at her limit. DJ Evester turns to her and remarks coolly, "Listen, Book Worm... first amendment, article three. Freedom of expression... in other words, Thou Shalt Not Harsh Church St.'s Mellow." Hearing distant passionate speech, the Cupid's see what appears to be a Romeo and Juliet-like scenario. Undoubtedly these two figures were bound to love one another. Letting their arrows fly, the outcome is a fantastic embrace between The Librarian and DJ Evester.
IV. Now the Street Dancers were certainly on to these primitive-weapon-toting fallen angels. They approach. "Hey?! Why you going around shooting at innocence people? Now the Awkward Sisters are in love with a statue and DJ Evester stopped the beat for the Librarian! You newcomers and fussin' with the flow..." Big Cupid looks at Little Cupid with a puzzled look. Rubbing their eyes they try hard to focus. Sure enough, these are two mis-matches indeed! The Cupid's aren't sure how such a thing could occur. One of the Street Dancers knows precisely how this could occur. "Come with us, little chubby cheeks." The Street Dancers take the Cupids' directly to Eyes Of The World. "What you two need -- are glasses."
V. And so the mistakes are realized, the spectacles are in place and it is time for resolution. The Cupids' let their arrows fly once more to the Awkward Sisters, releasing them from the spell. The Cupids' let their arrows fly once more to the statue of Ethan Allen, releasing him from the spell. But once they saw how happy the Librarian and DJ Evester are in each others arms, they decide this unlikely match is for the better good. They withhold their arrows so that the music could play on. {end, everyone dances to bumpin' MIA}

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