Sunday, November 21, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
November 20, 2010


Mystical Scientifical Twin 1 (Finn)
Mystical Sceintifical Twin 2 (Adam)
Street Busker / Francesca Dubois (Rebecca)
Gardener / Weapons Collector (Evan)
Acrobat / Computer Techie (Locke)
Drum Major / Coustofius the Great (Jack)
Master Shishkabab, Proprietor (Oliver)
Freckles the Cat (Abby)
Controversial Doctor (Josh)


I. It is early morning in the shared home of the Street Busker, Gardener, Acrobat and Drum Major. The Acrobat comes bounding down the stairs glorifying the morning with every word. The Gardener is busy outside the sitting room window and through the window we see the Street Busker and Drum Major rousting from their nests. The Acrobat somersaults into the room proclaiming the time has come to seize the day. He crosses the room and grabs the 'newspaper' scanning it over with his hand. We see a look of terror tear across his face. The Drum Major notices and grabs the paper, scanning it over his chest. Holding his hands to his heart, he is apparently struck with sorrow. The Street Busker then scans the news herself and speechlessly dispatches the paper to The Gardener through the window. The Gardener lets out an shrill sound, saying "It is the year 2099 and I never thought this day would come. It is too much to bear." Hanging his head he enters the house to join his companions. The Acrobat cries, "Terror!" The Drum Major, "Panic!" The Street Busker, "Crisis". The Gardener mutters, "My poor flowers will die." Silence sweeps the words from their mouths, until The Acrobat states, "I know what to do. We will go to the Mystical Scientifical Twins. They are the only option out of this mess."
II. The group enters the study of the Mystical Scientifical Twins. The brothers sit oddly still in large, plush chairs. They are both wearing bright yellow sport coats. The group explains to the twins that they can no longer exist under these conditions and wonder if the brothers have a solution. This is just the opportunity the two scientists have been waiting for. They explain that for months they have been experimenting with the transmogrification of human souls into antique collectibles. "The only way that the soul can be preserved is by injecting it into an antique collectible and using suitable geometries of spacetime to project the object back in time. Whomever possesses this object in the past, will become possessed by your soul and you can live on in their form..." Trusting that there was no other choice based on the present conditions of their time, the 4 agree to be subjected to this process. The twins set straight to work. It is a slapstick procedure of the transmogrification of the disembodied souls. We are left unsure of successful outcome.
III. In the present time, Master Shishkabob twiddles his thumbs, hoping, wishing, willing that a customer would come into his humble junk shop. His cat, Freckles, has been acting odd since the Master acquired some new objects on his latest buy. It is almost as though she interacts with the objects like she does with a living being. The shop has a very magnetic energy on this day. First, a collector of antiquated weaponry enters the shop. He is beside himself to find a "...Dutch Horseman's "Walloon" Broadsword from the year 1650." It is an outrageous piece of weaponry and the proprietor seems none the wiser of its value. As he holds the sword in his hand, Freckles begins to hiss and pull at his pant leg with her teeth. Shaking her off, The Weapons Collector gets the sword for a steal and leaves the shop in a hurry before the Master figures out his loss. Then, Coustofius the Great enters. He is an egocentric, over rehearsed magician who often comes to the shop in search of props for his commercialized program. He finds a 'Jack' card that has been separated from the rest of its 51 counterparts. Relating to the solitary nature of the 'Jack' he sees its existence as a sign. Coustofius expressly decides it is his "...lucky card." Freckles is shaking her tiny, fuzzy head and meowing an insistent "No!" The self-absorbed little man ignores the cat's meow and leaves the shop feeling smugly pleased. Outside, ee immediately begins to practice in the vicinity of the Weapons Collector. Master Shishkabob can hardly believe his luck and comments to Freckles what good sales the day is offering. He wonders what has gotten into Freckles, but distracted and delighted when the rich, young Francesca Dubois enters the shop looking for "...something brilliant." She finds a small candle on an ornate pricket. Francesca is annoyed with Freckles meowing at her and throws money at the shop keeper for the pricket. He tries to tell her something about the candle and she states coldly, "I don't care. Really. I hardly care about anything but myself!" Like a chilly breeze she leaves the shop, enamored with her new treasure. Just then, an extremely nerdy Computer Techie enters the shop. "I need something for my dear Mummy." Master Shishkabob proffers a simple crystal glass "...this would be an elegant gift." The Computer Techie is charmed by the glass. "Yes, just the thing for my dear Mummy to drink her rhubarb carrot boozleberry spirulina smoothies out of!" He leaves the shop, completely oblivious to Freckles nibbling anxiously at his ankles.
IV. In the streets near the shop, funny things begin to happen. The Weapons Collector is hurrying home to play Dungeons and Dragons when suddenly, "What's that? I smell a sound!" His senses spiral into spasm and his body is out of control. After a grotesque display of agitation, a noticeable change takes place. The hardened Weapons Collector seems to soften and he approaches the nearest sidewalk flower plot and proceeds to use the 16th century sword as a tool to garden with. Coustofius the Great is walking by this scene, completely oblivious to anything outside of his own self-development bubble. Suddenly! "I taste a sight!" Coustofius is also overcome by something other-wordly, and in a swirling, pulsating, strange dance-like display emerges a one-man parade! Using his scepter as a drum major mace, the rotund little magician begins parading down the street. Francesca Dubois promenades down the avenue and takes notice of a man hoeing a city plot with a sword and a mysteriously costumed figure leading an invisible parade. She stands in awe with the candle stick in her hand until, "...what's that? I see a feeling!" Like a dervish, Francesca spins like a top, and when she stops, she takes a seat on a curb. Just then, a Doctor who recently had his license revoked for questionable practice was walking by. The obviously well-to-do young woman sitting on a curb spangeing for his change pulled him out of his walled off state of conceptualizing. He took out his moleskine and began to take notes of his observations. Just then, a nerdy Computer Techie was sauntering along holding a glass. The man muttered something to himself that sounded like, "I hear a texture!" The Dr. witnessed what seemed to be a convulsion, but graceful in nature, and then a complete reformation of the nerdy characteristics and carriage of the man. The man did a gymnastic-like styling and then a flip over a recycling receptacle. The Dr. was stunned. As he opened up his field of vision, he noticed more odd behaviors in the people surrounding him. Warming the magnetism of his hands, he hypnotically beckoned for the 4 strange people to come to his office.
V. Once in the office of the Controversial Dr., the 4 oddly behaved characters seemed to be stuck in a loop of repetitive motions characteristic of a Gardener, Acrobat, Drum Major and Street Busker. As he began to conduct his research, two figures appeared out of thin air. The Mystical Scientifical Twins explained to the Dr. that this experiment was theirs and detrimental to the future of man kind. Extolling the details, the Dr. understood completely. "I know just what to do." While the 4 characters were in their trance-like state, the Dr. removed each of the possessions from the hands of Francesca Dubois, The Weapons Collector, The Computer Techie and Coustofius the Great and ejected the objects forcefully out of the window. Snapping out of their trance, each of them had clearly had a lifesaving transformation. "We must free everyone from the Possession of Possessions!" They chanted. The Mystical Scientifical Twins knew that the future had been saved, and that they could trust the Dr. and his new devotees to spread the message that would free mankind from eminent doom.

Saturday, November 20, 2010

Seven Days visits club!

On November 20th as our play was sizzling in the pan, we were visited by a reporter and photographer from the Seven Days. It made the process even more exciting to have a stealthy photographer (Jordan Silverman) and a thespian with pen (Erik Esckilsen) witnessing the making of our story 'The Possession of the Possessions.' Thanks to Finn, Adam, Rebecca, Evan, Locke, Jack, Oliver, Abby, Josh, Aaron, Emma and Ryan for demonstrating the wonderful artistry we incite for Seven Days readers to share in.

! Read the article by clicking here !

Saturday, November 13, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
November 13, 2010


Grand Thug (Hussein)
Thug 1 (Sylan)
Thug 2 (Audin)
Miranda Hughes (Vikki)
Dark Servant (Abby)
Benkin Concord - The Inventor of The Jet Plane (Oliver)
Herrmonia Concord (Olivia)
Antonio the Spanish Butler (Atticus)
Bonita Marguerite the Jump-Roping Horse Dancer (Abigail)
Beefy Guard (Harry)


Intro. Miranda Hughes sits proudly in her parlor with Dark Servant hunkering over her left shoulder. She enlists 3 thugs to carry out the acquisition of a Picassorocketus painting that is being displayed by her friend, the rich Herrmonia Concord. The painting will be unveiled at a lavish party hosted by the Concords' the following evening. The heist must be accomplished that night. Miranda waves them off as the 3 thugs do a triple chest bump and peace out.
I. Herrmonia Concord and her wildly genius father Benkin sit comfortably in the study of their grand home. Herrmonia is making plans to present the newest painting in her collection "Skunk goes to McDonald's" by the famous abstract artist Picassorocketus. Her father absentmindedly throws coins and currency her way, hoping that the party won't disturb him while at work in his laboratory down below. The true overseer of all Herrmonia's affairs, Antonio the Spanish Butler enters the room. "Everything is prepared for the party tomorrow evening, Mistress. I have even taken the liberty to import my sister, Marguerite the Jump-Roping Horse Dancer for the entertainment. Would you like to meet her?" Herrmonia nods and Marguerite enters the room with extreme pizazz in a sparkling mask and jumpsuit. Herrmonia is delighted, her ultimate delight is the commission of exotic art. Antonio continues, "I have also secured a Beefy Guard to protect the painting." Beefy Guard enters the room in a storm of thunderous strength. He kneels at the feet of Herrmonia, flexing his enormous biceps. Herrmonia is thrilled and tests the solidness of his arms, clapping, as he stomps over to the painting. "Well, if that will be all, I would like to return to my work now!" Announces Benkin and breezes away. Antonio and Marguerite exit as Herrmonia settles into her chair, dozing off. Beefy Guard paces back and forth in front of the painting until his physical prowess wears. He decides to sit down for just a moment but immediately conks out into a deep sleep.
II. In the middle of the night, the 3 thugs sneak into the painting room. They switch the painting out with a fake, do a triple chest bump and sneak off. In the wee hours of the morning Beefy Guard awakes and is relieved to see that Herrmonia is still sleeping and has not discovered his accidental slumber. He returns to his post just as Antonio enters the room. "Mistress! You have fallen asleep in the parlor all evening! We must prepare for the party!" Herrmonia awakes and is happy that Antonio is so dutiful. "There is a guest here to see you Mistress, The English Scholar. She has come to survey the Picassorocketus." The English Scholar enters the room and immediately begins to display her vast knowledge about paintings and art as she spouts off dates and information regarding all of the pieces in the sitting room. She requests to have some time alone with the Picassorocketus, in order to make an accurate assessment of the work. Herrmonia sleepily agrees and relieves the guard from surveillance for a break. Antonio enters the room once more to announce that Herrmonia's friend Miranda Hughes has come for a visit as well. Miranda enters the room wearing an elegant golden gown, with Dark Servant shadowing her. The two women instantly engage in excited, caddy chatting about the new acquisition and plans for the party. Miranda remains quite composed until The English Scholar emerges from the painting room with an inquisitive look on her face. "Well, Ms. Concord, the painting is very interesting indeed. There is something odd about the strokes that I haven't seen in a Picassorocketus before, but..." Miranda's expression reveals a bit of her dark side as she promptly cuts off the scholar, "I MUST say! The party will be grand indeed...!" She nervously spouts off as Antonio enters the room declaring that the guests are starting to arrive and Herrmonia must ready herself. Dark Servant shoots a menacing glance to The English Scholar and melts into the flurry of Miranda's elegance as the two exit.
III. The party is a sensation to be had and the guests enthusiastically mingle. They are eager to see all of the exotic things the Concords' have to display. Antonio announces the first spectacle of the night, "And now Ladies and Gentleman. I am proud to present to you a legendary performer in my country, my sister, The Bonita Marguerite the Jump-Roping Horse Dancer!" Marguerite takes the stage in a glittering ensemble dancing on a beautiful chocolate-colored horse. After her flawless delivery of many dazzling equestrian feats, she dismounts and reveals a jump rope. Double Bounce! Heel Exchange! Irish Fling! Front Cross! Is there anything this magnificent woman could not do? As if things could get any better, Herrmonia announces that it is time to unveil the Picassorocketus. Beefy Guard steps forward with the painting and as Herrmonia grabs it a look of panic washes over her face. The crowd gasps. "It is an impostor!" The 3 thugs hanging out at the hors d'oeuvres table know that this is their cue to leave. Throwing up the peace sign, they slip out into the chaos. Only one man notices that there is something fishy about this: Antonio.
IV. In the garden, Marguerite is practicing her jump rope. She overhears the thugs snickering and intuitively decides to hide and eavesdrop. Antonio is tailing the thugs in the shadows. The 3 thugs sit down, slap fives and discuss how delicious all the free food was. Miranda happens to walk by and pretends as though she doesn't know the 3. Seeing that no one is around, she stops and orders Dark Servant to address the thugs. "We want to congratulate you for successfully stealing the painting. We will be in touch with further needs." Miranda and Dark Servant hurry off to offer phony support to Herrmonia. Suddenly, Antonio leaps from hiding. "The gig is up, thugs!" Marguerite is swift with her jump rope as a lasso and with a powerful Spanish cry, she binds the 3 thugs. The brother and sister are used to being the heroes. They waste no time to take the thugs to Herrmonia and to accuse Miranda Hughes of conspiracy.
V. Meanwhile in the house, Miranda, The English Scholar and Herrmonia are trying to figure out what to do. Herrmonia is interrogating Beefy Guard until she realizes that she left The English Scholar alone with the Picassorocketus. Miranda seizes the opportunity to accuse The English Scholar of taking the painting. In the squabble, Benkin Concord emerges from his lab. "What's all the racket?!!" Herrmonia explains to her father and he waves off all the speculation. Taking the fake painting in both his hands, he smells it. "Smells like a man..." He asserts, than stomps back down to his lab. The English Scholar exclaims, "Well, I certainly don't smell like man," As Antonio and Marguerite drag the bound thugs into the room. Miranda looks very nervous, but hasn't time to react before Antonio tells his mistress what has happened. "Why would you do this Miranda! I thought you were my friend!" Shouts Herrmonia. Miranda pleads, "It wasn't my fault, Dark Servant made me do it!" Suddenly a darkness explodes in the room and Dark Servant had vanished. Miranda explains that she was under the spell of Dark Servant and never intended to steal from her friend. The thieves reveal that they hadn't actually stolen the painting anyways, it was just hidden behind the couch. Once the real painting is in Herrmonia's hands she says quietly... "Well. There is only one thing left to do then. The party must commence!"

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Guest Artist on Dec. 4th ! GENESE GRILL

Genese Grill is a painter, writer, professor and German scholar living and working in Burlington, Vermont. She believes in the magical power of words and images to change the world instantly. Genese will help us to work on a SPECIAL PLAY on DECEMBER 4th. Perhaps something influenced by German fairy tales or a play where magic words make a painting come to life? Come and find out!

Saturday, November 6, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
November 6, 2010


Orphan Tom (Davis)
Orphan Caroline (Cossette)
Lady Golden Sun Ray (Molly)
Wise Guy (Harry)
Dandy the One Man Bandstand (Oliver)
Cloud the Ragtime Dancer (Ian)
Lily Blossom the Flower Fairy (Abigail)
Honorable Alligator Fairy (Olivia)
Wendy the Wave Dancer Fairy (Isabelle)
The House for Poor Children Administrator (Trish)


Intro. In the cold and dimly lit orphanage Tom and his sister Caroline try to warm each others hands. They talk of their longing for parents and to be in a better place. Suddenly The Administrator bursts into the room and demands that the two start scrubbing the floor. She storms off in a tissy, only to return a few minutes later to announce that the children should be on their best behavior because a patron of The House for Poor Children was coming to visit that afternoon. She warns them that they will be VERY VERY sorry if they rat on her for running a horrid operation. Soon after, The Administrator returns with the saintly Lady Golden Sun Ray and her right hand man, Wise Guy. The Administrator tries to cover up the cruel labor she is subjecting the children to by claiming "...they are so ambitious about keeping their room clean!" Lady Golden Sun Ray asks The Administrator to be alone with the children and The Administrator agrees, but not without first giving a death look to Caroline.
Once alone with the children, Lady Golden Sun Ray asks about the quality of their lives in the orphanage. The children are blatantly honest and their annals are disturbing to their listeners. Lady Golden Sun Ray is moved and assures the children that she will return with a plan to bring a better life to ALL the children of the orphanage.
I. In the parlor of Lady Golden Sun Ray, she and Wise Guy counsel about a plan of action for the orphanage. Suddenly, "I have it!" She decides to host a gala entitled The Benefit Ball for The House of Poor Children. "It will be an evening where no expense is spared to raise funds for those poor children. Wise Guy... I think the most important thing is who we book for the entertainment..." She asks Wise Guy what the hottest bands are in town at the time. Two acts come to mind for him, a vaudeville duo entitled BAND JAM, and a trio of doo-op fairies called THE SINGING WONDER WINGS.
His madame insists she brings them to her at once for an audition. The first to show is BAND JAM consisting of Dandy the One Man Bandstand and Cloud the Ragtime Dancer. After humbly introducing themselves the 2 break out into song and dance, Dandy blasts his trumpet and Cloud twirls and tatts his cane. It is a very impressive act. Lady Golden Sun Ray asks them to wait patiently in the hall. Wise Guy then brings THE SINGING WONDER WINGS into his madame's presence. The ladies confidently introduce themselves as Lily Blossom the Flower Fairy, Honorable Alligator Fairy and Wendy the Wave Dancer Fairy. They then sing an amazing version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, complete with dazzling choreography. They are riveting. Lady Golden Sun Ray asks them to wait patiently in the foyer. Pacing back and forth, her decision is a very difficult one to make. At last she decides on THE SINGING WONDER WINGS because they are an act that is more well known. She calls for BAND JAM and regrettably tells them that she has made another choice for the headlining act for the affair. She hopes that they will accept her praise as an amazing act and also her invitation to the gala. The 2 leave sad and disappointed. As they are leaving through the front of the palace, they pass the fairies in a cacophonous explosion of chatting and excitment. One girl says "...I was so nervous I nearly fainted." While another teases, "...perhaps you were being tickled by a ghost!" And the other says, "Yes, we all know that fairies can't help but faint if they are tickled!" Poor Dandy and Cloud just shake their heads and slowly wander out past THE SINGING WONDER WINGS.
II. At the Benefit Ball for The Home of Poor Children, the party goers are pumped. Hot Jazz blasts onto the spring loaded dance floor and the crowd is swingin'. (Each character has a dance solo here). The orphans, Tom and Caroline cannot even believe that Lady Golden Sun Shine has brought them to the gala as honored guests. They have never seen such a lavish affair. While Lady Golden Sun Ray is making her grand speech from the balcony, the fairies sneak away to practice for their performance. The speech is very, very long and Dandy the One Man Bandstand begins to grow cold and bitter when he hears the Lady mention all the notable people in their town. He looks to Cloud the Ragtime Dancer for comfort. Cloud tells him to get over it, but Dandy just can't. "Come on Cloud! Let's get out of here..." As Dandy and Cloud head out, they come across the SINGING WONDER WINGS practicing their numbers. Dandy and Cloud exchange a look, crack their knuckles, wriggle their fingers and sneak up behind the fairies. A TICKLING sneak attack. Down goes Lily, down goes Wendy and Honorable Alligator is the last to fall, but not before catching a murky glimpse at the face of her attacker. Slapping five, Cloud and Dandy nonchalantly return to the party just as Lady Golden Sunshine is announcing the starring act. "I proudly present to you all, THE SINGING WONDER WINGS!" The lights hit the stage, but it is empty. "THE SINGING WONDER WINGS!" She attempts again... no dice. Nervously clearing her throat, she tries one last time, "THE SINGING WONDER WINGS!!!?" Crickets chirp. "Wise guy...?" She whispers over the mic. Wise Guy has to think fast. He can't find the fairies anywhere. 'Accidentally' bumping in Dandy The One Man Bandstand, Wise Guy impulsively asks if BAND JAM are able to play... right away. Knowing that this would happen Dandy and Cloud are ready to roll and hit the stage in style.
III. The orphans Caroline and Tom are confused as to where the fairies could have gone. Venturing off to explore, they find the fairies sleeping sweetly on the grass in the front garden. They arouse the fairies from their slumber and help them to their feet. The fairies are barely conscious and can't recall what happened. The children take the fairies to see Lady Golden Sun Ray to explain. As they reach the balcony overlooking the party, Honorable Alligator finally comes to her senses. We see her pointing to the culprits from the balcony and the hot jazz heats up as Wise Guy begins chasing Dandy and Cloud around the grounds. The audience is in uproarious laughter, thinking the pursuit is part of the act. Finally Wise Guy clobbers the two, grabbing them by the scruff of the neck. He drags them into the palace to face Lady Golden Sun Ray and the fairies.
IV. Cloud and Dandy fall to their knees begging for forgiveness from Lady Golden Sun Ray and the fairies. Dandy begins to cry, saying he has worked so hard as an artist, but it is very difficult to get exposure. He just wanted this gig so badly, he felt like it could be his 'big break'. The orphans are moved by his tears, the fairies can certainly relate and Lady Golden Sun Ray is always filled with forgiveness. She steps forward and says, "Dandy. Cloud. You should really ask for forgiveness from Tom and Caroline. This evening was supposed to be in THEIR honor... to honor the orphans in our community. It is not about 'exposure' or 'fame', it is about sharing and love. You were only thinking of yourselves tonight..." Dandy and Cloud look at the orphans and can see the hand they have been dealt. They both rise to their feet in acceptance. They pay respect to Tom and Caroline and sincerely apologize. Lady Golden Sun Ray says, "There is only one thing that can be done."
V. On the stage THE SINGING WONDER WINGS enter, they bow and move to the side, then JAM BAND enters and moves to the other side, lastly Tom and Caroline enter, they do a little dance and take center stage. The whole crew makes music and dances together: it is an amazing number. At the end of the song, Lady Golden Sun Ray comes to the mic and says, "...And now for the happy ending. Ladies and Gentleman, I'm announcing my adoption of Tom and Caroline. They are my new son and daughter."

Monday, November 1, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
October 30, 2010


Old Wizard Bandit (Davis)
A Museum Curator named Friendly Dude (Josh)
Skull Sorceress, Silver Sword (Maddy)
Vampiress Vaniseeka (Taylor)
Messenger Faerie of Fairness (Lil' Ian)
Mr. Sunshine, "For Hire" (Big Ian)

Intro. Friendly Dude needs to hurry to the museum with some new artifacts he has aquired. It seems to be taking forever to cross the busy street and he notices that a very old man is having the same trouble. Always one to be civil and dutiful, Friendly Dude takes the old man's arm and offers to help him cross the street. They cross and as taxi cabs come to screeching halt, Friendly Dude boasts to the old man about how helpful he tends to be. When it is time to part, Friendly Dude whistles away and we see that the old man has pick pocketed him. With a $50 bill in hand the old man states "I, Old Wizard Bandit, never cease to get richer and richer. Ah ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha...!" He cackles while dancing a celebratory jig.
I. Friendly Dude arrives at the museum and begins to take an inventory of the new artifacts for the collection. "Ah yes, one ancient Egyptian eyeball remover for mummy making, one 19th century school room bell, one pre-world war II Belgium Chocolate Tin, one fossilized hand... Oh my!! The bill!! Where is the $50 bill imprinted by Skull Sorceress, Silver Sword? Oh heavens! I've lost one of the most powerful spells ever written in the history of the world... signed by 'Silver Sword'!! A priceless piece! No! What will I do? Ahhhhhh!!" Pacing madly back and forth, Friendly Dude finds salvation, "I know! I'll call Mr. Sunshine "For Hire"." Mr. Sunshine arrives introducing himself as the man who can do, and will do, anything and everything, "For Hire". He is more than happy to help in the search for the missing 'Silver Sword' piece, but not without a hefty charge... Friendly Dude offers him the fossilized hand and they're off.
II. In a nearby mountain range, Old Wizard Bandit is in his cave counting his monies, taking stock of his gold and jewels. At some point he tosses aside a fifty dollar bill that has writing on it. "What a waste! What kind of fool would scribble all over a perfectly useful $50 bill?" His daughter, Vampiress Vaniseeka awakens for the night. "Good morning night... good morning cave... good morning bats... good morning father! Huuhhh! FATHER! You've been stealing again!" Vaniseeka scolds him for his compulsive behavior and reminds him of his promise to her to stop his old ways. She is very disappointed. She stomps off and calls for Messenger Faerie of Fairness. "Messenger Faerie! Please go to the Skull Sorceress at once and ask her to make a spell that will change my father's thieving ways forever!" Messenger Faerie rushes off on his mission.
III. In the streets, Mr. Sunshine "For Hire" is hot on the trail of the missing magic $50 bill. He is so focused that he nearly knocks Messenger Faerie over. "Hey... what's the big idea, pal... Oh! Messenger Faerie! It's you bro! How's it going?" The two old pals bump knuckles and catch up a bit. Messenger Faerie explains that he is on his way up the mountain to visit the Skull Sorceress, Silver Sword, to obtain a spell for Vampiress Vaniseeka. Mr. Sunshine can't believe the serendipity and suggests that they pay a visit to the Sorceress together. Mr. Sunshine has some questioning for the famed Diva Sorceress. The two continue to catch up while climbing the steep trail to the Skull Sorceress' cave.
IV. Once at the cave, Silver Sword is found practicing incantations. Mr. Sunshine cuts right to the chase about the the piece she loaned to the museum taking a little vacation. Upon hearing the description of a "$50 Bill with a spell engraved upon it," Messenger Faerie has put two and two together that he might know the whereabouts of the missing piece. Stroking her pet human skull, Silver Sword is foaming at the mouth with rage upon hearing the news. She shrieks that Friendly Dude must come and see her "at once!" or else. Mr. Sunshine is startled by her dramatic reaction and rushes off to furnish Friendly Dude. Meanwhile, Messenger Faerie is hoping to resolve his business with her, and to offer the information he may have, but cannot get a word in edge wise as the diva sorceress goes on and on about her disappointment. He follows her around the cave trying to interject, but she is self-absorbed. She resolves to consult the divining eyes of the skull to find where the piece has gone. Just as she utters the final words of her divine summoning spell, Mr. Sunshine and Friendly Dude reenter the cave. "Ah-hah!" She shouts, "Old Wizard Bandit foolishly pick pocketed the spell, mistaking it for a mere $50 bill. Fool!" Messenger Faerie just shakes his head. He tried to tell her.
V. Mr. Sunshine "For Hire", Messenger Faerie, Friendly Guy and Silver Sword all take the mountain path to Old Wizard Bandit's cave. In this time, Old Wizard Bandit has realized what the imprint on the $50 bill is a spell signed by the powerful Sorceress 'Silver Sword'. Not only is Old Wizard Bandit addicted to stealing, but he has an unquenchable thirst for powerful magic. His daughter Vaniseeka has been imploring him to leave the spell alone, as the gang rushes into the cave. Silver Sword shouts at him, "Old man! Do not be a fool! If you read that spell with an impure heart, something 'bushy' will happen!" The Wizard simply will not heed warning and reads the words aloud. He is immediately transformed into a shrub (with a beard). Everyone in the cave looks apologetically at Vaniseeka, lowering their heads to pay respect. It is a shocking conclusion. So it seems! Suddenly, the bush begins to shake and out jumps a young Wizard Bandit. "It is as though I am reborn! A new man! I plan to turn over a new leaf and never steal again!" Silver Sword affirms, "...powerful magic indeed..."