Tuesday, February 1, 2011


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Jane Snyder.
January 22, 2011


The Amazing Mr. Mudfish (Phinn)
Grandma Pickett (Nicole)
Joanne the poor Granddaughter (Grace)
Georgia the poor Granddaughter (Lauren)
Sally the Fairy Spy (Olivia)
Makenzie the Fairy Spy (Shayla)
Voldemort the Magician (Atticus)
Meevil Mc'Evil the Magician (Emily)
Princess Ruby (Abby)
Princess Rosetta (Cosette)
Shopkeeper Jeepers (Jane)

Act I: In the Good-Evil Village, a long time ago, there lived a Stylin' Grandma, her pet Mudfish, and her two Granddaughters. Grandma Pickett was SO stylin', and had so much Bling! But something was missing. Things could always be a little more blinging. She called forth her girls. "I am just not as fashionable as I could be...I need just a little more bling, or some fashion elixir from the village. I want you girls to go and trade our Mudfish for some style elixir." But the girls wanted to go to the Ball at the Palace Courtyard where princesses Ruby and Rosetta were hosting. They begged their grandmother, but Grandma Pickett refused. She simply had to augment her solid-gold outfit with more style! Joanne and Georgia sadly rounded up the Mudfish (their best friend!) and set off to the village. Little did they know that the magicians and the fairy spies had been watching over them this whole time.
Act II: The Magicians Meevil Mc'Evil and Voldemort hatch a secret plan to get the Mudfish for themselves, also they want to make mischief at the upcoming Fairy Ball. So they set out two pairs of beautiful slippers in the shop window and lace them with magic. The fairy spies see all of this silently from their invisible post. The magicians snicker evilly as the Shopkeeper, unawares, sets up shop. Shopkeeper Jeepers, an ole Scottish merchant, is dusting off his wares when the girls arrive with the mudfish. "We've come to get some Bling Potion. We'll trade you our Mudfish for it." "Oh what a fine Mudfish! He could really spruce up the store! Well, let me see now...I'll have to hunt it down." Jeepers rummages through his wares, meanwhile the girls notice the beautiful slippers in the shop window. They look at each other in conspiring glee: "If we had these slippers, we could go to the ball!" (They were barefoot because they were so poor!). The Shopkeeper returns with the Bling Potion, but the girls have changed their minds and ask if they can trade the Mudfish for the slippers instead. The shopkeeper agrees without hesitation, stating that he'd trade just about anything for such a fine mudfish. The girls, delighted, set out to the ball with their new slippers.
Act III: At the Palace Courtyard, Princesses Ruby and Rosetta are waiting for their guests to arrive. They have a splendid banquet set out, including a triple decker layer raspberry white chocolate mousse cake. "Where are all our guests? They should be here by now!" Joanne and Georgia arrive, shoes in hand. "We don't remember putting you on the Guest List," Rosetta says haughtily. "But we have such beautiful slippers," explains Joanne. "Very well, you may stay." Joanne and Georgia sit down to put on their slippers, but as soon as they are on their feet, they can't stop dancing. They bump around the room knocking things over, and a terrible chaos ensues (including the destruction of the triple decker layer raspberry white chocolate mousse cake!!!) The princesses desperately try to stop the girls from their chaotic flailing about the room, with no avail. Luckily, the fairy spies (Sally and Mackenzie) are there to save the day! They freeze the girls in mid air with their fairy powers and remove the slippers from them. Outraged that their plan was foiled, the magicians go after the fairies and begin a ruckus...a fight breaks out in the ballroom! But it isn't too long before Grandma Pickett arrives on the scene and everyone turns to her, because she is so glowing, blinging, so very stylish that she captures everyone's attention. She has the Mudfish with her. "I decided that I am stylin' enough without extra Bling and so I got our Mudfish back."
The girls are delighted, the Magicians outraged...but everyone decides that they can SHARE the Amazing Mr. Mudfish. They sing, "we can all share, we can all share, happy happy happy happy HAPPY HAPPY HAPPY!!!!" The End.

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  1. This is SO delightful! Grandma Pickett totally did the right thing...

    You guys made a great story with a wise moral at the end. Nice work.