Sunday, November 21, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
November 20, 2010


Mystical Scientifical Twin 1 (Finn)
Mystical Sceintifical Twin 2 (Adam)
Street Busker / Francesca Dubois (Rebecca)
Gardener / Weapons Collector (Evan)
Acrobat / Computer Techie (Locke)
Drum Major / Coustofius the Great (Jack)
Master Shishkabab, Proprietor (Oliver)
Freckles the Cat (Abby)
Controversial Doctor (Josh)


I. It is early morning in the shared home of the Street Busker, Gardener, Acrobat and Drum Major. The Acrobat comes bounding down the stairs glorifying the morning with every word. The Gardener is busy outside the sitting room window and through the window we see the Street Busker and Drum Major rousting from their nests. The Acrobat somersaults into the room proclaiming the time has come to seize the day. He crosses the room and grabs the 'newspaper' scanning it over with his hand. We see a look of terror tear across his face. The Drum Major notices and grabs the paper, scanning it over his chest. Holding his hands to his heart, he is apparently struck with sorrow. The Street Busker then scans the news herself and speechlessly dispatches the paper to The Gardener through the window. The Gardener lets out an shrill sound, saying "It is the year 2099 and I never thought this day would come. It is too much to bear." Hanging his head he enters the house to join his companions. The Acrobat cries, "Terror!" The Drum Major, "Panic!" The Street Busker, "Crisis". The Gardener mutters, "My poor flowers will die." Silence sweeps the words from their mouths, until The Acrobat states, "I know what to do. We will go to the Mystical Scientifical Twins. They are the only option out of this mess."
II. The group enters the study of the Mystical Scientifical Twins. The brothers sit oddly still in large, plush chairs. They are both wearing bright yellow sport coats. The group explains to the twins that they can no longer exist under these conditions and wonder if the brothers have a solution. This is just the opportunity the two scientists have been waiting for. They explain that for months they have been experimenting with the transmogrification of human souls into antique collectibles. "The only way that the soul can be preserved is by injecting it into an antique collectible and using suitable geometries of spacetime to project the object back in time. Whomever possesses this object in the past, will become possessed by your soul and you can live on in their form..." Trusting that there was no other choice based on the present conditions of their time, the 4 agree to be subjected to this process. The twins set straight to work. It is a slapstick procedure of the transmogrification of the disembodied souls. We are left unsure of successful outcome.
III. In the present time, Master Shishkabob twiddles his thumbs, hoping, wishing, willing that a customer would come into his humble junk shop. His cat, Freckles, has been acting odd since the Master acquired some new objects on his latest buy. It is almost as though she interacts with the objects like she does with a living being. The shop has a very magnetic energy on this day. First, a collector of antiquated weaponry enters the shop. He is beside himself to find a "...Dutch Horseman's "Walloon" Broadsword from the year 1650." It is an outrageous piece of weaponry and the proprietor seems none the wiser of its value. As he holds the sword in his hand, Freckles begins to hiss and pull at his pant leg with her teeth. Shaking her off, The Weapons Collector gets the sword for a steal and leaves the shop in a hurry before the Master figures out his loss. Then, Coustofius the Great enters. He is an egocentric, over rehearsed magician who often comes to the shop in search of props for his commercialized program. He finds a 'Jack' card that has been separated from the rest of its 51 counterparts. Relating to the solitary nature of the 'Jack' he sees its existence as a sign. Coustofius expressly decides it is his "...lucky card." Freckles is shaking her tiny, fuzzy head and meowing an insistent "No!" The self-absorbed little man ignores the cat's meow and leaves the shop feeling smugly pleased. Outside, ee immediately begins to practice in the vicinity of the Weapons Collector. Master Shishkabob can hardly believe his luck and comments to Freckles what good sales the day is offering. He wonders what has gotten into Freckles, but distracted and delighted when the rich, young Francesca Dubois enters the shop looking for "...something brilliant." She finds a small candle on an ornate pricket. Francesca is annoyed with Freckles meowing at her and throws money at the shop keeper for the pricket. He tries to tell her something about the candle and she states coldly, "I don't care. Really. I hardly care about anything but myself!" Like a chilly breeze she leaves the shop, enamored with her new treasure. Just then, an extremely nerdy Computer Techie enters the shop. "I need something for my dear Mummy." Master Shishkabob proffers a simple crystal glass "...this would be an elegant gift." The Computer Techie is charmed by the glass. "Yes, just the thing for my dear Mummy to drink her rhubarb carrot boozleberry spirulina smoothies out of!" He leaves the shop, completely oblivious to Freckles nibbling anxiously at his ankles.
IV. In the streets near the shop, funny things begin to happen. The Weapons Collector is hurrying home to play Dungeons and Dragons when suddenly, "What's that? I smell a sound!" His senses spiral into spasm and his body is out of control. After a grotesque display of agitation, a noticeable change takes place. The hardened Weapons Collector seems to soften and he approaches the nearest sidewalk flower plot and proceeds to use the 16th century sword as a tool to garden with. Coustofius the Great is walking by this scene, completely oblivious to anything outside of his own self-development bubble. Suddenly! "I taste a sight!" Coustofius is also overcome by something other-wordly, and in a swirling, pulsating, strange dance-like display emerges a one-man parade! Using his scepter as a drum major mace, the rotund little magician begins parading down the street. Francesca Dubois promenades down the avenue and takes notice of a man hoeing a city plot with a sword and a mysteriously costumed figure leading an invisible parade. She stands in awe with the candle stick in her hand until, "...what's that? I see a feeling!" Like a dervish, Francesca spins like a top, and when she stops, she takes a seat on a curb. Just then, a Doctor who recently had his license revoked for questionable practice was walking by. The obviously well-to-do young woman sitting on a curb spangeing for his change pulled him out of his walled off state of conceptualizing. He took out his moleskine and began to take notes of his observations. Just then, a nerdy Computer Techie was sauntering along holding a glass. The man muttered something to himself that sounded like, "I hear a texture!" The Dr. witnessed what seemed to be a convulsion, but graceful in nature, and then a complete reformation of the nerdy characteristics and carriage of the man. The man did a gymnastic-like styling and then a flip over a recycling receptacle. The Dr. was stunned. As he opened up his field of vision, he noticed more odd behaviors in the people surrounding him. Warming the magnetism of his hands, he hypnotically beckoned for the 4 strange people to come to his office.
V. Once in the office of the Controversial Dr., the 4 oddly behaved characters seemed to be stuck in a loop of repetitive motions characteristic of a Gardener, Acrobat, Drum Major and Street Busker. As he began to conduct his research, two figures appeared out of thin air. The Mystical Scientifical Twins explained to the Dr. that this experiment was theirs and detrimental to the future of man kind. Extolling the details, the Dr. understood completely. "I know just what to do." While the 4 characters were in their trance-like state, the Dr. removed each of the possessions from the hands of Francesca Dubois, The Weapons Collector, The Computer Techie and Coustofius the Great and ejected the objects forcefully out of the window. Snapping out of their trance, each of them had clearly had a lifesaving transformation. "We must free everyone from the Possession of Possessions!" They chanted. The Mystical Scientifical Twins knew that the future had been saved, and that they could trust the Dr. and his new devotees to spread the message that would free mankind from eminent doom.

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