Saturday, November 6, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
November 6, 2010


Orphan Tom (Davis)
Orphan Caroline (Cossette)
Lady Golden Sun Ray (Molly)
Wise Guy (Harry)
Dandy the One Man Bandstand (Oliver)
Cloud the Ragtime Dancer (Ian)
Lily Blossom the Flower Fairy (Abigail)
Honorable Alligator Fairy (Olivia)
Wendy the Wave Dancer Fairy (Isabelle)
The House for Poor Children Administrator (Trish)


Intro. In the cold and dimly lit orphanage Tom and his sister Caroline try to warm each others hands. They talk of their longing for parents and to be in a better place. Suddenly The Administrator bursts into the room and demands that the two start scrubbing the floor. She storms off in a tissy, only to return a few minutes later to announce that the children should be on their best behavior because a patron of The House for Poor Children was coming to visit that afternoon. She warns them that they will be VERY VERY sorry if they rat on her for running a horrid operation. Soon after, The Administrator returns with the saintly Lady Golden Sun Ray and her right hand man, Wise Guy. The Administrator tries to cover up the cruel labor she is subjecting the children to by claiming "...they are so ambitious about keeping their room clean!" Lady Golden Sun Ray asks The Administrator to be alone with the children and The Administrator agrees, but not without first giving a death look to Caroline.
Once alone with the children, Lady Golden Sun Ray asks about the quality of their lives in the orphanage. The children are blatantly honest and their annals are disturbing to their listeners. Lady Golden Sun Ray is moved and assures the children that she will return with a plan to bring a better life to ALL the children of the orphanage.
I. In the parlor of Lady Golden Sun Ray, she and Wise Guy counsel about a plan of action for the orphanage. Suddenly, "I have it!" She decides to host a gala entitled The Benefit Ball for The House of Poor Children. "It will be an evening where no expense is spared to raise funds for those poor children. Wise Guy... I think the most important thing is who we book for the entertainment..." She asks Wise Guy what the hottest bands are in town at the time. Two acts come to mind for him, a vaudeville duo entitled BAND JAM, and a trio of doo-op fairies called THE SINGING WONDER WINGS.
His madame insists she brings them to her at once for an audition. The first to show is BAND JAM consisting of Dandy the One Man Bandstand and Cloud the Ragtime Dancer. After humbly introducing themselves the 2 break out into song and dance, Dandy blasts his trumpet and Cloud twirls and tatts his cane. It is a very impressive act. Lady Golden Sun Ray asks them to wait patiently in the hall. Wise Guy then brings THE SINGING WONDER WINGS into his madame's presence. The ladies confidently introduce themselves as Lily Blossom the Flower Fairy, Honorable Alligator Fairy and Wendy the Wave Dancer Fairy. They then sing an amazing version of Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star, complete with dazzling choreography. They are riveting. Lady Golden Sun Ray asks them to wait patiently in the foyer. Pacing back and forth, her decision is a very difficult one to make. At last she decides on THE SINGING WONDER WINGS because they are an act that is more well known. She calls for BAND JAM and regrettably tells them that she has made another choice for the headlining act for the affair. She hopes that they will accept her praise as an amazing act and also her invitation to the gala. The 2 leave sad and disappointed. As they are leaving through the front of the palace, they pass the fairies in a cacophonous explosion of chatting and excitment. One girl says "...I was so nervous I nearly fainted." While another teases, "...perhaps you were being tickled by a ghost!" And the other says, "Yes, we all know that fairies can't help but faint if they are tickled!" Poor Dandy and Cloud just shake their heads and slowly wander out past THE SINGING WONDER WINGS.
II. At the Benefit Ball for The Home of Poor Children, the party goers are pumped. Hot Jazz blasts onto the spring loaded dance floor and the crowd is swingin'. (Each character has a dance solo here). The orphans, Tom and Caroline cannot even believe that Lady Golden Sun Shine has brought them to the gala as honored guests. They have never seen such a lavish affair. While Lady Golden Sun Ray is making her grand speech from the balcony, the fairies sneak away to practice for their performance. The speech is very, very long and Dandy the One Man Bandstand begins to grow cold and bitter when he hears the Lady mention all the notable people in their town. He looks to Cloud the Ragtime Dancer for comfort. Cloud tells him to get over it, but Dandy just can't. "Come on Cloud! Let's get out of here..." As Dandy and Cloud head out, they come across the SINGING WONDER WINGS practicing their numbers. Dandy and Cloud exchange a look, crack their knuckles, wriggle their fingers and sneak up behind the fairies. A TICKLING sneak attack. Down goes Lily, down goes Wendy and Honorable Alligator is the last to fall, but not before catching a murky glimpse at the face of her attacker. Slapping five, Cloud and Dandy nonchalantly return to the party just as Lady Golden Sunshine is announcing the starring act. "I proudly present to you all, THE SINGING WONDER WINGS!" The lights hit the stage, but it is empty. "THE SINGING WONDER WINGS!" She attempts again... no dice. Nervously clearing her throat, she tries one last time, "THE SINGING WONDER WINGS!!!?" Crickets chirp. "Wise guy...?" She whispers over the mic. Wise Guy has to think fast. He can't find the fairies anywhere. 'Accidentally' bumping in Dandy The One Man Bandstand, Wise Guy impulsively asks if BAND JAM are able to play... right away. Knowing that this would happen Dandy and Cloud are ready to roll and hit the stage in style.
III. The orphans Caroline and Tom are confused as to where the fairies could have gone. Venturing off to explore, they find the fairies sleeping sweetly on the grass in the front garden. They arouse the fairies from their slumber and help them to their feet. The fairies are barely conscious and can't recall what happened. The children take the fairies to see Lady Golden Sun Ray to explain. As they reach the balcony overlooking the party, Honorable Alligator finally comes to her senses. We see her pointing to the culprits from the balcony and the hot jazz heats up as Wise Guy begins chasing Dandy and Cloud around the grounds. The audience is in uproarious laughter, thinking the pursuit is part of the act. Finally Wise Guy clobbers the two, grabbing them by the scruff of the neck. He drags them into the palace to face Lady Golden Sun Ray and the fairies.
IV. Cloud and Dandy fall to their knees begging for forgiveness from Lady Golden Sun Ray and the fairies. Dandy begins to cry, saying he has worked so hard as an artist, but it is very difficult to get exposure. He just wanted this gig so badly, he felt like it could be his 'big break'. The orphans are moved by his tears, the fairies can certainly relate and Lady Golden Sun Ray is always filled with forgiveness. She steps forward and says, "Dandy. Cloud. You should really ask for forgiveness from Tom and Caroline. This evening was supposed to be in THEIR honor... to honor the orphans in our community. It is not about 'exposure' or 'fame', it is about sharing and love. You were only thinking of yourselves tonight..." Dandy and Cloud look at the orphans and can see the hand they have been dealt. They both rise to their feet in acceptance. They pay respect to Tom and Caroline and sincerely apologize. Lady Golden Sun Ray says, "There is only one thing that can be done."
V. On the stage THE SINGING WONDER WINGS enter, they bow and move to the side, then JAM BAND enters and moves to the other side, lastly Tom and Caroline enter, they do a little dance and take center stage. The whole crew makes music and dances together: it is an amazing number. At the end of the song, Lady Golden Sun Ray comes to the mic and says, "...And now for the happy ending. Ladies and Gentleman, I'm announcing my adoption of Tom and Caroline. They are my new son and daughter."

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