Friday, December 10, 2010

Play: THE WATER OF LIFE (an adaptation)

This week the club play was an adaptation of a fairy tale brought by our special guest artist, Genese Grill. The adaptation was created by the group leader and the actors.
December 4, 2010


Sick King (Atticus)
Oldest Son (Locke)
King's Daughter (Abigal)
Youngest Son (Solly)
Honky Dwarf (Finn)
Tonky Dwarf (Sylvan)
Wise Woman (Anna)
Princess (Ariel)
Lions (Wren, Locke)
Vassals/Chorus (Ariel, Wren, Anna)



I. In the great castle we see that The King is sick. His children are grown and their worry appears to run deep. The King's Daughter runs from the throne room in a commotion of dramatic weeping. Not wanting to be upstaged, The Oldest Son follows suit and flees from the room sobbing uncontrollably. The Youngest Son touches his father's shoulder tenderly and sheds a single tear. He spares his father his worry until he reaches the garden. In the garden, the 3 weep. The Wise Woman is nested within the foliage of the garden. She listens to a skull. "Yes, it is true, death is near." The weeping ascends crescendo. "But!" Everyone stops crying abruptly -- "There is hope. It is very difficult to come upon, but The Water of Life will heal your father." The Oldest Son is seized by his opportunistic spirit. He thinks, "If I were to find the water first and bring it to my father, then I will be most deserving of inheriting the throne... hmmm."
"I will fetch the water! Just tell me what to do!" He asserts to The Wise Woman. He does not heed the warnings of the Wise Woman and sets right off.
II. The Oldest Son is hacking his way through the forest. Two Honky Tonk Dwarves greet him. The Oldest Son does not want his quest to be interrupted by such minimal beings. He insults The Dwarves for even attempting approach. Offended, The Dwarves chant "Higgly Piggly Wiggly Wap, put this man into our trap!" Suddenly the Oldest Son is jailed in a crevice in the side of the mountain. Not far behind him, The King's Daughter also seeks The Water of Life in competition with her brother. She is a haughty woman who will not lose the chance to secure her father's love for herself alone. Crossing the path of The Honky Tonk Dwarves, she doesn't even take the time to insult them, she simply pushes the two out of her way with her parasol. The Dwarves cannot believe how many rude visitors they have had this morning. Again, "Higgly Piggly Wiggly Wap, put this girl into our trap." The King's Daughter finds herself jailed with her older brother. Seeking The Water of Life, as well as the whereabouts and safety of his brother and sister, The Youngest Son enters the forest. He comes across The Dwarves and greets them warmly. The Dwarves are charmed by his friendliness. "I am seeking the Water of Life my two tiny friends. Do you know where I might find it?" The Dwarves nod and reveal a scroll. The scroll states, "The Water of Life springs from a fountain in the dining hall of an enchanted castle to the West. You can enter if you have the iron wand and 2 small loaves of bread with you. When you reach the iron door of the castle, strike the iron wand 3 times on the door. When it opens you will been met by 2 hungry lions. Throwest the bread into the lions gaping jaws to pass. You must be quick to fetch The Water of Life before midnight or the iron door will close and you will be imprisoned there for eternity." The Dwarves presented to iron wand and bread to The Youngest Son. With much gratitude, he took the items and thanked The Dwarves for their guidance. He set of in the direction of the castle.
III. The Youngest Son found the enchanted castle just as The Dwarves had said. He tapped the iron wand on the door 3 times and it sprung open. Entering into the immense front hall, he anticipated when the 2 lions were to pounce. Throwing the 2 small loaves of bread to the beasts they were instantly pacified. Seeking the dining hall the young man began to get lost in the halls and halls of endless doors. One thing The Dwarves had not told him is that within a small room awaited an entrancing Princess. She was divine. "I've been waiting for you! What is it that you seek?" The Youngest Son was unflappable. "I've come for the Water of Life. Can you tell me where it is?" The Princess seemed trustworthy enough. "Yes, you must walk down the hall with the golden carpet. In the Dining Hall is a fountain that will give you what you seek. Now I tell you what I seek. Come back to me in a year and we will marry." The Youngest Son bowed to her honor and set off to the Dining Hall. Once he entered the hall, the journey's weariness began to overtake him. Coming across a large overstuffed chair, he decided to sit just for a moment.... hours later he awoke with a start. The ominous hands of the clock read 4 minutes before midnight. Desperately he ran to the fountain and filled his chalice, then sprinted for the door. The door slammed shut promptly at midnight so fiercely that it took off a part of the heel of his shoe.
IV. The Youngest Son journeyed back through the forest and was met again by The Dwarves. "Tiny friends, thank you ever so much for your help finding the Water of Life. Now, I'm wondering if you have seen my older brother and sister?" The Dwarves exchanged a knowing look. "Yes, we have imprisoned your brother and sister in the side of the mountain for their bad hearts." The Youngest Son was shocked by this. "They are not bad. They love my father and I. Please release them!" The Dwarves warned The Youngest Son, "We will free them because of your kind heart. But please, beware. Their hearts are bad." Poof! Suddenly The Oldest Son and The King's Daughter were standing where The Dwarves had been. The Dwarves had disappeared. "Brother! Sister! I appealed to The Dwarves for your freedom. What a misunderstanding. I am so glad you are safe." His brother and sister exchanged a plotting glance. "Brother! Do you have the Water of Life?" They asked. "Yes! Let's make haste so that father will be well," Said the young one. "No, no, brother. You are tired. Here. Let us rest for a while and then we will finish the journey home." Very tired and in need of rest, the young brother agreed and slipped into a deep sleep. His brother and sister schemed to win their father's favor instead. Taking the chalice from his hands, they filled a secret vessel with The Water of Life and filled the chalice with salt water from the sea. When the young one awoke,they made the journey home together discussing his adventures.
V. Upon reaching the great castle of their father, The Youngest Son rushed in to the throne room declaring that he was indeed in possession of The Water of Life. He bowed at his father's feet offering the chalice. His father drank of it and immediately fell more ill. Minutes later, his Oldest Son and Daughter rushed into the room. "Father! Tell us you have not drunk of the poisonous waters our brother brought to you. You have been tricked! Our brother lied to you! It is us who truly have possession of The Water of Life..." In a weakened state the King drank from the chalice offered to him. Immediately WELLNESS claimed his body. He sprang to his feet, shouting "I feel like a young man again!" Then a grave look came across his face. "Son! Why did you try to poison me? How could you do this?" The Youngest Son tried to explain the perils he had endured to get the water and that he believed it to truly be The Water of Life... but his father would not listen. "I banish you from my kingdom unless you can prove to me that my life you did not intend to take." The Youngest Son was ousted from the castle.
VI. Of course a year had not passed since the Youngest Son was to fetch his bride in the enchanted castle, but he knew he had to go to her. Only the Princess could help him out of this. Once he had explained his position to The Dwarves they were determined to help him set the record straight. The Dwarves helped the Youngest Son to find his way back to the Princess. Upon hearing about the conspiracy, the Princess consulted her magic mirror for truth. It was revealed that his brother and sister had switched the Water of Life for salt sea water. The Princess agreed to return to the castle with the Young Son and Two Dwarves to free his name. They were just in time to save the king from willing the kingdom to his Oldest Son. The Princess showed the scene in the mirror to the king and he was filled with remorse for the banishment of his son. He decreed that his Oldest Son and Daughter were to be imprisoned in the enchanted castle with only the lions to keep them company. As for The Youngest Son, he would take his position as King as soon as the princess was ready to marry.

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