Monday, November 1, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
October 30, 2010


Old Wizard Bandit (Davis)
A Museum Curator named Friendly Dude (Josh)
Skull Sorceress, Silver Sword (Maddy)
Vampiress Vaniseeka (Taylor)
Messenger Faerie of Fairness (Lil' Ian)
Mr. Sunshine, "For Hire" (Big Ian)

Intro. Friendly Dude needs to hurry to the museum with some new artifacts he has aquired. It seems to be taking forever to cross the busy street and he notices that a very old man is having the same trouble. Always one to be civil and dutiful, Friendly Dude takes the old man's arm and offers to help him cross the street. They cross and as taxi cabs come to screeching halt, Friendly Dude boasts to the old man about how helpful he tends to be. When it is time to part, Friendly Dude whistles away and we see that the old man has pick pocketed him. With a $50 bill in hand the old man states "I, Old Wizard Bandit, never cease to get richer and richer. Ah ha ha ha, ah ha ha ha...!" He cackles while dancing a celebratory jig.
I. Friendly Dude arrives at the museum and begins to take an inventory of the new artifacts for the collection. "Ah yes, one ancient Egyptian eyeball remover for mummy making, one 19th century school room bell, one pre-world war II Belgium Chocolate Tin, one fossilized hand... Oh my!! The bill!! Where is the $50 bill imprinted by Skull Sorceress, Silver Sword? Oh heavens! I've lost one of the most powerful spells ever written in the history of the world... signed by 'Silver Sword'!! A priceless piece! No! What will I do? Ahhhhhh!!" Pacing madly back and forth, Friendly Dude finds salvation, "I know! I'll call Mr. Sunshine "For Hire"." Mr. Sunshine arrives introducing himself as the man who can do, and will do, anything and everything, "For Hire". He is more than happy to help in the search for the missing 'Silver Sword' piece, but not without a hefty charge... Friendly Dude offers him the fossilized hand and they're off.
II. In a nearby mountain range, Old Wizard Bandit is in his cave counting his monies, taking stock of his gold and jewels. At some point he tosses aside a fifty dollar bill that has writing on it. "What a waste! What kind of fool would scribble all over a perfectly useful $50 bill?" His daughter, Vampiress Vaniseeka awakens for the night. "Good morning night... good morning cave... good morning bats... good morning father! Huuhhh! FATHER! You've been stealing again!" Vaniseeka scolds him for his compulsive behavior and reminds him of his promise to her to stop his old ways. She is very disappointed. She stomps off and calls for Messenger Faerie of Fairness. "Messenger Faerie! Please go to the Skull Sorceress at once and ask her to make a spell that will change my father's thieving ways forever!" Messenger Faerie rushes off on his mission.
III. In the streets, Mr. Sunshine "For Hire" is hot on the trail of the missing magic $50 bill. He is so focused that he nearly knocks Messenger Faerie over. "Hey... what's the big idea, pal... Oh! Messenger Faerie! It's you bro! How's it going?" The two old pals bump knuckles and catch up a bit. Messenger Faerie explains that he is on his way up the mountain to visit the Skull Sorceress, Silver Sword, to obtain a spell for Vampiress Vaniseeka. Mr. Sunshine can't believe the serendipity and suggests that they pay a visit to the Sorceress together. Mr. Sunshine has some questioning for the famed Diva Sorceress. The two continue to catch up while climbing the steep trail to the Skull Sorceress' cave.
IV. Once at the cave, Silver Sword is found practicing incantations. Mr. Sunshine cuts right to the chase about the the piece she loaned to the museum taking a little vacation. Upon hearing the description of a "$50 Bill with a spell engraved upon it," Messenger Faerie has put two and two together that he might know the whereabouts of the missing piece. Stroking her pet human skull, Silver Sword is foaming at the mouth with rage upon hearing the news. She shrieks that Friendly Dude must come and see her "at once!" or else. Mr. Sunshine is startled by her dramatic reaction and rushes off to furnish Friendly Dude. Meanwhile, Messenger Faerie is hoping to resolve his business with her, and to offer the information he may have, but cannot get a word in edge wise as the diva sorceress goes on and on about her disappointment. He follows her around the cave trying to interject, but she is self-absorbed. She resolves to consult the divining eyes of the skull to find where the piece has gone. Just as she utters the final words of her divine summoning spell, Mr. Sunshine and Friendly Dude reenter the cave. "Ah-hah!" She shouts, "Old Wizard Bandit foolishly pick pocketed the spell, mistaking it for a mere $50 bill. Fool!" Messenger Faerie just shakes his head. He tried to tell her.
V. Mr. Sunshine "For Hire", Messenger Faerie, Friendly Guy and Silver Sword all take the mountain path to Old Wizard Bandit's cave. In this time, Old Wizard Bandit has realized what the imprint on the $50 bill is a spell signed by the powerful Sorceress 'Silver Sword'. Not only is Old Wizard Bandit addicted to stealing, but he has an unquenchable thirst for powerful magic. His daughter Vaniseeka has been imploring him to leave the spell alone, as the gang rushes into the cave. Silver Sword shouts at him, "Old man! Do not be a fool! If you read that spell with an impure heart, something 'bushy' will happen!" The Wizard simply will not heed warning and reads the words aloud. He is immediately transformed into a shrub (with a beard). Everyone in the cave looks apologetically at Vaniseeka, lowering their heads to pay respect. It is a shocking conclusion. So it seems! Suddenly, the bush begins to shake and out jumps a young Wizard Bandit. "It is as though I am reborn! A new man! I plan to turn over a new leaf and never steal again!" Silver Sword affirms, "...powerful magic indeed..."

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