Saturday, November 13, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
November 13, 2010


Grand Thug (Hussein)
Thug 1 (Sylan)
Thug 2 (Audin)
Miranda Hughes (Vikki)
Dark Servant (Abby)
Benkin Concord - The Inventor of The Jet Plane (Oliver)
Herrmonia Concord (Olivia)
Antonio the Spanish Butler (Atticus)
Bonita Marguerite the Jump-Roping Horse Dancer (Abigail)
Beefy Guard (Harry)


Intro. Miranda Hughes sits proudly in her parlor with Dark Servant hunkering over her left shoulder. She enlists 3 thugs to carry out the acquisition of a Picassorocketus painting that is being displayed by her friend, the rich Herrmonia Concord. The painting will be unveiled at a lavish party hosted by the Concords' the following evening. The heist must be accomplished that night. Miranda waves them off as the 3 thugs do a triple chest bump and peace out.
I. Herrmonia Concord and her wildly genius father Benkin sit comfortably in the study of their grand home. Herrmonia is making plans to present the newest painting in her collection "Skunk goes to McDonald's" by the famous abstract artist Picassorocketus. Her father absentmindedly throws coins and currency her way, hoping that the party won't disturb him while at work in his laboratory down below. The true overseer of all Herrmonia's affairs, Antonio the Spanish Butler enters the room. "Everything is prepared for the party tomorrow evening, Mistress. I have even taken the liberty to import my sister, Marguerite the Jump-Roping Horse Dancer for the entertainment. Would you like to meet her?" Herrmonia nods and Marguerite enters the room with extreme pizazz in a sparkling mask and jumpsuit. Herrmonia is delighted, her ultimate delight is the commission of exotic art. Antonio continues, "I have also secured a Beefy Guard to protect the painting." Beefy Guard enters the room in a storm of thunderous strength. He kneels at the feet of Herrmonia, flexing his enormous biceps. Herrmonia is thrilled and tests the solidness of his arms, clapping, as he stomps over to the painting. "Well, if that will be all, I would like to return to my work now!" Announces Benkin and breezes away. Antonio and Marguerite exit as Herrmonia settles into her chair, dozing off. Beefy Guard paces back and forth in front of the painting until his physical prowess wears. He decides to sit down for just a moment but immediately conks out into a deep sleep.
II. In the middle of the night, the 3 thugs sneak into the painting room. They switch the painting out with a fake, do a triple chest bump and sneak off. In the wee hours of the morning Beefy Guard awakes and is relieved to see that Herrmonia is still sleeping and has not discovered his accidental slumber. He returns to his post just as Antonio enters the room. "Mistress! You have fallen asleep in the parlor all evening! We must prepare for the party!" Herrmonia awakes and is happy that Antonio is so dutiful. "There is a guest here to see you Mistress, The English Scholar. She has come to survey the Picassorocketus." The English Scholar enters the room and immediately begins to display her vast knowledge about paintings and art as she spouts off dates and information regarding all of the pieces in the sitting room. She requests to have some time alone with the Picassorocketus, in order to make an accurate assessment of the work. Herrmonia sleepily agrees and relieves the guard from surveillance for a break. Antonio enters the room once more to announce that Herrmonia's friend Miranda Hughes has come for a visit as well. Miranda enters the room wearing an elegant golden gown, with Dark Servant shadowing her. The two women instantly engage in excited, caddy chatting about the new acquisition and plans for the party. Miranda remains quite composed until The English Scholar emerges from the painting room with an inquisitive look on her face. "Well, Ms. Concord, the painting is very interesting indeed. There is something odd about the strokes that I haven't seen in a Picassorocketus before, but..." Miranda's expression reveals a bit of her dark side as she promptly cuts off the scholar, "I MUST say! The party will be grand indeed...!" She nervously spouts off as Antonio enters the room declaring that the guests are starting to arrive and Herrmonia must ready herself. Dark Servant shoots a menacing glance to The English Scholar and melts into the flurry of Miranda's elegance as the two exit.
III. The party is a sensation to be had and the guests enthusiastically mingle. They are eager to see all of the exotic things the Concords' have to display. Antonio announces the first spectacle of the night, "And now Ladies and Gentleman. I am proud to present to you a legendary performer in my country, my sister, The Bonita Marguerite the Jump-Roping Horse Dancer!" Marguerite takes the stage in a glittering ensemble dancing on a beautiful chocolate-colored horse. After her flawless delivery of many dazzling equestrian feats, she dismounts and reveals a jump rope. Double Bounce! Heel Exchange! Irish Fling! Front Cross! Is there anything this magnificent woman could not do? As if things could get any better, Herrmonia announces that it is time to unveil the Picassorocketus. Beefy Guard steps forward with the painting and as Herrmonia grabs it a look of panic washes over her face. The crowd gasps. "It is an impostor!" The 3 thugs hanging out at the hors d'oeuvres table know that this is their cue to leave. Throwing up the peace sign, they slip out into the chaos. Only one man notices that there is something fishy about this: Antonio.
IV. In the garden, Marguerite is practicing her jump rope. She overhears the thugs snickering and intuitively decides to hide and eavesdrop. Antonio is tailing the thugs in the shadows. The 3 thugs sit down, slap fives and discuss how delicious all the free food was. Miranda happens to walk by and pretends as though she doesn't know the 3. Seeing that no one is around, she stops and orders Dark Servant to address the thugs. "We want to congratulate you for successfully stealing the painting. We will be in touch with further needs." Miranda and Dark Servant hurry off to offer phony support to Herrmonia. Suddenly, Antonio leaps from hiding. "The gig is up, thugs!" Marguerite is swift with her jump rope as a lasso and with a powerful Spanish cry, she binds the 3 thugs. The brother and sister are used to being the heroes. They waste no time to take the thugs to Herrmonia and to accuse Miranda Hughes of conspiracy.
V. Meanwhile in the house, Miranda, The English Scholar and Herrmonia are trying to figure out what to do. Herrmonia is interrogating Beefy Guard until she realizes that she left The English Scholar alone with the Picassorocketus. Miranda seizes the opportunity to accuse The English Scholar of taking the painting. In the squabble, Benkin Concord emerges from his lab. "What's all the racket?!!" Herrmonia explains to her father and he waves off all the speculation. Taking the fake painting in both his hands, he smells it. "Smells like a man..." He asserts, than stomps back down to his lab. The English Scholar exclaims, "Well, I certainly don't smell like man," As Antonio and Marguerite drag the bound thugs into the room. Miranda looks very nervous, but hasn't time to react before Antonio tells his mistress what has happened. "Why would you do this Miranda! I thought you were my friend!" Shouts Herrmonia. Miranda pleads, "It wasn't my fault, Dark Servant made me do it!" Suddenly a darkness explodes in the room and Dark Servant had vanished. Miranda explains that she was under the spell of Dark Servant and never intended to steal from her friend. The thieves reveal that they hadn't actually stolen the painting anyways, it was just hidden behind the couch. Once the real painting is in Herrmonia's hands she says quietly... "Well. There is only one thing left to do then. The party must commence!"

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