Tuesday, March 29, 2011


This club play was written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader, Trish Denton.
March 26, 2011


The Pirates --
A Pirate (Ian)
A Pirate (Dustin)
A Pirate (Emma)
Mr. Tootsies Fabulous Feet Dancers --
Mr. Tootsies (Evey)
Tosie (Taylor)
Toe-Toe (Jordan)
The Gypsies --
Eleesia (Charlotte)
Rosalita (Sophia)
Rosanisha (Grace)

I. We see three sneaky Pirates tiptoeing across the scene. We know that these Pirates are hunting. They peek under a bush "Arrrrr!", they peek behind a tree "Arrrrr!" and when we come face to face with them, the narrator says "These Pirates are searching for the most precious of things. What is it that Pirates find to be most valuable? Yes, of course, these Pirates are hunting for..." The Pirates snarl, "Feeeeet!" Narrator resumes, "Yes, feet. More than anything else in the world, Pirates want feet. And not just any feet, no siree, they seek THE FEET OF DANCERS." Suddenly from all around the scene, above, below and from the sides, feet pop out and begin to dance. "And in this particular case, these particular Pirates were hunting the feet of Mr. Tootsies Fabulous Feet Dancers..." Mr. Tootsies rises out of the floor and breaks into song: "Fabulous Feet... I love my fabulous feet...", and an old ragtime dance with flashes of fancy footwork follows. There is one patron present that never misses a show, The Ghost Fox. He sits transparently and watches.
II. Well, after a long show, Mr. Tootsies and his dancers, Toe-Toe and Tosie need to take a load off. "Ugh! My feet are killing me..." The dancers sit rubbing their feet and grimacing. The narrator says, "Yes, there are many ways in which a dancer can pamper their feet. Mr. Tootsies Fabulous Feet Dancers are the biggest fans of the following. The first method is to lather the feet with shea butter and arnica." The dancers make dramatic faces of relief and moan and groan. "The second, a cherished practice, is the group foot rub" The three get into a funny, pretzel position and rub one anothers feet. One of Toe-Toe's feet is left out of the equation and she whines "Hey! What about me?!" The Narrator continues, "The most preferred method however, is the epsom salt foot soak." The dancers plunge their feet into 3 pots as their eyes roll into the back of their heads in ecstasy. "One thing that the dancers can't indulge in, even though everyone else is doing it, is to run over a bed of hot coals, when all their friends are having fun doing so." As everyone is captivated by the festivities of fire walking, nobody notices when Tosie is lured away by the Pirates. The Pirates make grand promises of whats to come if she will go with them...
III. The next evening, The Ghost Fox attend Mr. Tootsies Fabulous Feet Dancers' show and notices that Tosie is missing. He has an intuitive hunch that something isn't right. The Ghost Fox decides to investigate and hovers around after the audience leaves. After the show as Mr. Tootsie's and Toe-Toe are going through their feet pampering rituals, and The Ghost Fox observes The Pirate approach them. "Hello Dancers," Says one of the mangy pirates with wide eyes. "We know where your friend is. She made a decision to take the best care of her feet... If you come with us, we will show you where there is a spring-loaded dance floor that is waxed morning, noon and night. It is lined with fountains of Epsom Salts and Myrhh, and there beyond are plush recliners with ottomans' of satin." The dancers are hypnotized by these words. They follow the Pirates in a dream-like state, much to the dismay of The Ghost Fox. The Ghost Fox senses disaster, but knows that he must not go to the Pirates' ship alone. He will need help. "I must go to THE GYPSY CAMP to find help."
IV. The Ghost Fox approaches the Gypsy Camp and we hear mysterious music. Around a fire the Gypsies dance a highly organized ritual. When they are finished they greet The Ghost Fox. He tells them every detail of what he has seen and how he believes that the Pirates have ill intentions for the dancers. Rosanisha states flatly, "We will not stand for this. Our fellow dancers will not be had by some filthy pirates." The Gypsies all agree. "Yes, we must think of a plan to trick the Pirates," says Eleesia. "I have a plan, friends!" Rosalita offers. "Let us take off all of our jewelry and precious things. We will put them in this basket with gold coins and chalices." The Gypsies strip themselves of their gemstones, baubles and all that glitters and put the items into a basket. "These things mean nothing to us in comparison to a dancers' feet." Explains Eleesia. "Yes, but perhaps it will distract them..." The Ghost Fox follows as the Gypsies start off into the moonlight in an offering procession. Rosanisha holds the glittering basket above her head, guiding their way and protecting them as they navigate toward the Pirates' Ship.
V. Once on the ship, Rosalita yells, "Pirates, we have come to dance for you! Show yourselves!" The Pirates emerge from the depths of the Galley and see the Gypsies in an intriguing formation. The moonlight glints off their beaded shawls and their feet are bare with rare markings on them. They have the Pirates' attention. The music starts and the Gypsies dance a dance like no one has even seen. It is mesmerizing and the Pirates' are totally entranced as Mr. Tootsies Fabulous Feet Dancers are freed by The Ghost Fox. Mr. Tootsies, Toe-toe and Tosie join the Gypsies in the dance. The intensity grows until the dancers part to reveal a basket filled with precious objects. They all bow down, creating a passage way for the Pirates. The Pirates are completely distracted by the glittering golden treasures in the moonlight. They walk up the passageway through the dancers and their eyes light up as they sort through the basket of treasure. Completely transfixed, they are oblivious as the dancers slip away into the night.
Epilouge. And never again did Pirates hunt for the FEET OF DANCERS. Now, Pirates hunt for the a lesser treasure... and we are glad of it.

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