Friday, July 2, 2010


For one week in June, Very Merry Theater's 333 space was transformed into a school of wizardry in preparation for The Wizard's Solution Show. This group of budding changemakers, alchemists and magicians focused on a conflict in their dream-life, family, school or global context in order to create magical intentions for miraculous solutions. A major focus that was weighing on the kids' hearts was the oil spill in the gulf. However, others addressed diabetes, cancer, friendship, kindness and healthy food as concerns.

Over the course of the week the young scholars crafted hats, wands and spell books. They also learned techniques for potion-crafting by making plant magic infusions with combinations of some of the following herbs: chaga, alfalfa, calendula, peppermint, orange peel, blackberry leaf, raspberry leaf, elderberry, red clover and more. The use of these potions augmented by the power of crystals made for a super charged performance as each wizard presented their 'solutions' to a full house.

! Keep making magic and envisioning positive change in the world ! The power of intention is real...

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