Saturday, June 12, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
June 12, 2010

Lillian the beloved, mysterious darling of the village (Claire)
Lila the jealous, child of nobility (Sabine)
The Queen (Jordan)
The King (Malichi)
Lily the Princess (Madelyne)
The Pirate Captain (Malichi)
Swabbie (Jordan)
Alexis the Guardian Piratess (Ella)

I. 2 great ships are sailing in the same great sea. On one vessel is a brave noble father and mother with their young sea worthy child, Lillian. A storm is on the horizon. Although the father takes all measures to contend with the angry sea he is defeated. Lillian is found in the wreckage of her families ship by the pirates. The first mate, Alexis, revives her with the help of a swabbie. The Captain instructs the crew to drop the girl off at the next coastal settlement. They row Lillian to shore and out of pity, Alexis presents the child with her mother's medallion, the only shred left of her parents found in the cruel waters. The young Lillian wanders by her lonesome into the streets of the village. Watching her go, Alexis suddenly makes her resignation to the Captain, turning over her spy glass to the swabbie. The dumbfounded Captain makes the swabbie his first mate and they sail back out into the drink leaving Alexis behind.
II. 10 years later in the same coastal village -- Her past forgotten, Lillian is cared for by the people of the village. She is the town's little darling. Surrounded by admirers in the square, she is playing delightfully in a swirl of giggles and muses as Lila, a wealthy child of nobility looks on curiously at the display of naive and whimsical happiness. She is jealous. Lila is convinced that the source of Lillian's happiness must be the jeweled medallion that the girl wears around her neck. Lila offers to buy the medallion from Lillian, but Lillian refuses, continuing to court Lila for friendship. Lila cannot overcome her horrid jealously. To cope she forms the habit of stealing small gems and jewels. The more happiness Lillian shares, the more contempt Lila grows, and robberies increase in the village.
III. In the castle overlooking the village the King and Queen discuss the future of Princess Lily. The rulers are fair and involved in the day to day lives of their villagers. They discuss what a wonderful model Lillian would make to Lily. Unfortunately politics keep Lily away from villagers that are not of nobility. Princess Lily sits quietly shining her jewels and worrying of nothing that happens in the village below. She insists on caring for her own jewels and tonight she asks the King and Queen if it is okay to leave her jewel box open by the window to capture the essence of the night air and soft lunar light. The King and Queen are so touched by her romantic nature that they allow this.
IV. Down the hill, Alexis sees that her ship has sailed in. After 10 years the skull and crossbones are back to haunt her. Alexis knows it is time to tell Lillian of her past, and that all these years, she has been her guardian in the shadows, paying for her ward with stolen treasures. She goes to the child in the streets.
In the village, Lila also sees the ship sail in. In an opportunistic manner, she decides it is time for the BIG steal. She will take the family jewels from the castle. She believes that only this will finally make her happy like Lillian.
V. Dressed as a pirate Lila sneaks into the castle. She finds the jewels easily as they are airing by the window. Lily hears the scuffling and comes to investigate. She confronts the pirate and demands her family jewels back. The two fight, Lily armed with a bouquet of crocuses and Lila, gingerly wielding a pricking sword. Lila makes off with the chest of jewels through the window while Lily calls for help. The King and Queen come to Lily's side and her her story. They are dismayed that pirates stormed the castle. Just as the King was going to send his finest men to destroy the pirates, Lillian arrived at his throne. The King has such a soft spot of Lillian. She was excited to tell him that she found out how she had come to this place, who her parents had been and especially that the pirates were kindly and had rescued her. With Alexis, her Guardian Piratess by her side she tried to appeal to the king that the pirates should be welcomed to the village as kindly as they had treated her. The King was confused and in his struggle, he had Alexis sent to the dungeon as a suspect. He was going to the harbor to drive the pirates out of his village.
VI. Lillian was in tears. She knew that a horrible mistake has been made. Clutching her jeweled medallion and calling to universal forces to help her, she recalls "...can I buy that precious jewel from around your neck..." in the snippy voice of a little girl. Lila! Lila was the thief. The two girls find each other in the square. Even though Lila has the finest jewels around her neck, she is not happy. She wants to defeat Lillian. Challenging Lillian to a battle of swords, Lillian is filled with the spirit of her swashbuckling younger days. During the duel the pirates, King, Queen come to Lillian's aid. Even Lily has managed to free Alexis and they are all there to witness and support Lillian in the battle. Lila is sorely beaten, forced into a well at sword point, the very place that she hid the chest of jewels. Lillian insists that Lila must choose friendship over her treasure if she ever wants out of the well. Lila agrees and the group helps her out.
The deal is sealed with a hug between the two children... and the pirates, townspeople and nobility lived in harmony on the shores of the sea together.

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