Monday, July 19, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.
July 10, 2010

Dancing Dahlila Faerie (Sage)
Magic Marigold (Sky)
The FABULOUS Faerie (Jordan)
The Wizard Warrior (Malichi)
The Sunburst Faerie (Madelyne)
Captain Bones of the Blaster 900 (Summit)

I. Somewhere near the equator in the Atlantic Ocean towers an immense volcanic mound. It is the year 3010 and the ocean waters are lower than they have ever been in history. Braving the high salt contents of the waters and the high co2 of the skies are futuristic pirates. The toughest of them all is Captain Bones. Captain Bones cruises the sea, land and skies in his retro fitted rocket ship known as the Blaster 900. The world above has become a hostile place, but below exists a utopia of heat dwelling mystical creatures. This particular community we find in the volcano are fire worshiping flower faeries and warriors. They love to sit around in the comfort of the flames telling stories, dancing and enjoying general togetherness.
II. On one particular day as the faeries relished in the flames, declaring how lovely it was to be alive, above lurked Captain Bones looking for a hiding place for his bountiful booty. Suddenly a shower of COLD, HARD, GOLDEN discs poured down from the volcanoes opening into the dwelling place below. The FABULOUS Faerie shouted "Brrr! What is this? It's so cold?" The Dancing Dahlila Faerie exlaimed "Ouch! And it is hard!" And Magic Marigold brooded "And it's golden! Only I'm allowed to be this golden around here!!" The Wizard Warrior was perturbed to see what he wisely know to be 'money' crash down from the sky into his utopian paradise. "We must go above and see who has done such a thing!" Cried the people. The Wizard Warrior cautioned them of how cold it was above and helped them with guard themselves against the cold, hard climate of the earth lands.
III. Chanting "We're going up! We're going up!" The mystical peoples circled up the winding path to the opening of the volcano. Once above they spotted the ragged looking Captain Bones rowing his dingy back to the Blaster 900. They shouted at him "Why have you dumped these cold, hard, golden things on us? We don't want your earth things messing up our home!" Captain Bones sneered and said, "Don't touch my treasure I will be back for it in 24 days, and if you have moved a single piece I will roast you in the jets of my ship! Har har har har!!!" At first the mystical peoples were startled and they retreated into the volcanoes. But once below they decided to concoct a plan. Calling upon all the forces of the earth contained in their volcano, they did a ritual to blast the coins out of the volcano. Captains Bones was showered with molten hot lava specks and golden syrup that had once been his coins. It was quickly dissolving into the salty waters of the Atlantic. "NOOOOOOOOOOOO!" Captain Bones was defeated.

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