Wednesday, June 2, 2010


Director Statement: When Don Wright gave me the opportunity to begin a Saturday Morning Drama Club at Very Merry Theatre's 333 Space, I was elated. The lightning bolts of creative energy bursting from a kid's smile always charge me with joy to continue doing the hard work of being an artist, mother, mentor and community builder. I love collaborating with kids to make spontaneous works of art with intentions of exploration, inquiry, connectivity and fun (of course). I believe that when we are organizing around each other, working together, merging ideas and converging our energies that wild inspirations are inevitable!

Here is a little about the work I have done, so you have an idea of who's driving the crazy train that is Drama Club!

Biography: Michigan native Trish Denton is a self-taught costumer, visual artist, and puppeteer. Her vaudeville-influenced stage talents include physical comedy, clowning, operatic singing, cabaret dance and fortune telling. She moved to Burlington, VT in 2009 as director of the Viva La Voce Puppet Opera. Trish transitioned into the role after initial entry into the troupe in 2007 as a puppeteer. She also plays a lead role in Burlington's annual Spielpalast Cabaret and is parade leader/performer in the Unbearable Light, a 30-person performance troupe of street buskers on staff for the Bonnaroo Music Festival.

As a low-residency student at Goddard College from 2004-2008, Trish toured with the ClothingChange project, a traveling fashion show and info center addressing recycling through re-designed garment making. During this time she also helped to establish a worker-owned cafe and theater in Montpelier, VT, The Langdon Street Cafe. There, she frequently costumed and danced with Sputnik, a synth band led by Anais Mitchell (Righteous Babe Records). From 2006-2008 Trish regularly performed in streets, cafes and galleries with various handcrafted props used for fortune telling.

Her studies at Goddard culminated with her thesis 'The Homing Device', an object theater performance that exhibited at the International Toy Theater Festival in New York and the long-established Bread and Puppet Theater. The Homing Device is currently on exhibit at the Main Street Museum in White River Junction, VT. Her infatuation with independent museums blossomed in 2004 when Trish was an actress at The Underground Railroad Living Museum in the crypt of a historic Detroit church.

Trish is also the mother of 6 year old Augustus Thomson and teaches puppetry, cardboard crafting and performance skills to children in various venues. She is active in bringing the arts into public schools and community centers. Presently, she is running summer camps with themes of Mysticism, Ritual and Magic and running a Saturday morning club at The Very Merry Theatre's 333 SPACE. She also is an educator for Burlington City Arts and the Shelburne Museum.

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