Saturday, February 13, 2010


All club plays are written as a group collaboration between the participants and the group leader.

The Diamond Feathered Dog (Abby)
Alfonzo the Great (Auggie)
Houdina (Syd)
1000 Year Old Empress (Maddy)
The Alien Elder (Adam)
Queen of Bizarro (Kaltoma)
The Warrior Conselar (Colton)

I. At a theatre in Paris, Houdina and Alfonzo the Great are doing their world renown show -- an incredible disappearing act. Alfonzo uses Houdina (his assistant) for the vanishing trick. The crowd is amazed when she disappears. When Alfonzo tries to make her reappear, an empress clearly from another time and place appears instead of Houdina. The crowd thinks it is part of the act, but Alfonzo quickly finishes the set to get to the bottom of things. The Empress tells Alfonzo she is from 1000 years ago and that she comes from a bizarro world where the vanishing things go to -- a sort of transitional dimension.

II. We find Houdina walking about as the Empress voice describes the world. We are fully emerged in the scene is painted to music as the Alien Elder and other characters are in the midst of ritualistic dance. Houdina is not sure whether or not to trust the elder, but her encourages her to continue on deeper into the Vanishing World. She is stopped by The Diamond Feathered Dog, who won't let her go by and continue down the path. It is beautiful and vicious.

III. Suddenly the Warrior Consular heroically appears ready to battle The Diamond Feathered Dog. Houdini is fascinated by the manner in which the man and beast contend, and is relieved when the dog is defeated. The Consular leads Houdina to the Queen. The Queen quickly takes a liking to Houdina and wished her to stay by her side to rule with her over all of The Vanishing World. The queen attempts to trick Houdina by having her eat/taste of the delectables on her feasting table. Offering a confection to Houdina, Houdina is delighted and just as she almost eats of the captive candy, she hears a tiny, nearly inaudible shout from a speck on the ground.

IV. Meanwhile back in Paris, Alfonzo and The 1000 Year Old Empress have been working around the clock to alter the spell that sent Houdina to The Vanishing World. Simultaneously, in the parallel dimension Houdini is nearly under the spell of the sweet smelling candy. The speck warns in a whispery shriek "Do not eat the candy. If you are to taste of any of the delights in The Vanishing World, you will be banished to this dimension forever!" Just as the candy nearly reaches her lips, Alfonzo The Great, greatly masters the spell retrieval spell and Houdina is back in her rightful time and place. From then on, she is happy to try a juggling act instead.

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